Q&A With GunSlinger


Tomorrow (10th) at 9 AM PST I will be hosting a small Q&A session on our brand new and shiny q_a Channel on Discord. There I will be answering your burning questions (or most of them at the very least).

Just a reminder:

  • Be civil
  • Be polite
  • I am not a developer so please temper your expectations :smiley:
  • Have fun

I can’t wait to sit down and have a chat with you all, hope you feel the same way!


I understand your position and respect a lot (I know it’s not easy) to be an intermediary between the players and the developers, but my criticisms are not abusive, I always try to pass that this delay was not necessary, I just kept what I already had and then with the time calm patience and love putting DECA ideas. thank you for always listening to everyone

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@Gunslinger thanks very much for gives the opportunity to put our questions and to clarify the situation…
I like this kind of effort and appreciation that you guys have with the players…a change of mentality that for me is what have more value.



You seriously need to take a step back and relax.

I see new q&a added in discord, please let non VIP players viewing option , it’ll help reduce already answered questions posted in forums and it’ll least keep non VIP players updated, thanks

The new Q&A Channel has nothing to do with VIP in game. No purchase is required to be apart of the Hero Hunters server, anyone can come and ask questions! :smiley:

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Well, if found the channel now…just ask google :slight_smile:

@GunSlinger will you make sure the q_a channel is viewable and make the viewing history available so that we do not re-ask questions already posted. Currently the viewing history is disabled for that channel. This is what @NT90 was asking. So can you please check these settings for the q_a channel before the session starts? Thank you.

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The channel will open in a few hours. Can’t respond to it yet because the event hasn’t started.

It’s still showing you don’t have permission to view message history in #q_a channel

Because the q&a hasn’t happened. There isn’t anything

:+1:thanks for clarification

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Hello everyone! If you missed the Q&A and want to see the transcript, ss of the posts are shown in the google doc below!


No need to read the above, I’ll sum up all the answers to the questions: “I’m honestly not sure, we hope to get going soon.”

Hmm… According to the Q&A sessions doc,

Gunslinger just join DECA, 4 months ago… Probably need some times to catch up more… :smiley:

But knowing they only get a very little help from HH, I guess the next update won’t be coming soon?

“New hero POSSIBLE with update” (emphasis added) Oh this just gets better and better…

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