Astral Canister Fragments are Non-Existent (Ha!)

Dear developers: As the new element “Astral” introduced to the game through Luciana, I got her and started upgrading her to see her powers and experience with the new element (level 96 Player).

I felt struggling upgrading her. Had around 450 energy to grind Silver Astral Canister Fragments for her, I used all my energy gave me only x2 out of the 3 needed to upgrade 1 stripe in her Silver!

Later on Brawl Faction Fight ended, got 500 energy as reward, grinded again with 500 energy got x1 Silver Astral Canister Fragments!

Currently struggling with her Gold too. In my opinion the drop rates of Astral Canisters need to be looked at, and increased immensly. As of now, feels like waste of time and energy (pun intended).

With much love and respect as always!



I agree on the fact that the droprates are sometimes a bit too low. Though i find it pretty cool that they are rare. So that even high level players struggle with it. We need more challenge and a goal to work towards to


As my friend Roland suggested me that gold crate has best drop rate for astral canisters, I spent my golds on buying that crate everyday.
So, you just have to farm more golds each day, Roland carries me in coop pvp & we both play with perfectly balanced teams and farm 200+ golds each day. So, I’ll highly recommend you to follow this instructions otherwise it’s ur choice maybe you will find better ways.

Then spend ur golds on gold crate. 1 out 3-5 crate gives me astral canister.

Work smarter not harder. - One & only my friend Roland:)


I get you, but at the same time it does not make sense. How it a SILVER ASTRAL CANISTER FRAGMENT be as rare as CORE MKVI FRAGMENT?! How does that bring fun? The game has been out long enough if you want to talk about slowing down progrees! Like we have 118 heroes but we gonna slow the progress of 118th alone?

Thank you for the advice, will definately try it out!

True. I personally think they should gradually go with the rarity of the item. However that is also odd considering you might need more and more


Just to add on since you mentioned it… the drop rate for Core MKVI on 14-5 was horrid before the update. It seems to be considerably worse now. 150 stamina for 1 MKVI? That’s messed up.


You make a great point there, leveled her up to plat on a few low ruby accounts and it took a few thousand stamina to do it. :grimacing:

Lower Drop Rate = More Stamina Spent to Farm = More Gold Revives Needed = More Money to Developer


Facts but at the same time it’s not like anyone is making us spend to level her up. I am only doing it because it’s free for me to do it, but if I was spending money it wouldn’t be worth it at all.

Mines gold 7 star and she is staying there till the magic hero jennie builds her for me. I have more important heros to build up

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Not only heroes, gears & skins or anything new in game bring money.

Sigma people have various ways of earning. Think broadly, chill and enjoy.

On the same boat with you. Hope they listen. Tbh I am not grinding for them anymore, so tidious and wasteful.

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