Astral/Void Daily Solo Raid

Dear devs. We are strongly needed that. Because it’s cost and complicated get canisters for new types of elements. Even if players may complicated only few difficulties with one hero – this will be a HUUUUUGE help. Thanks.


I hope they don’t do it and it stays more of a grind for awhile. The only people that complain are the ones not use to grinding everyday…

Complain? Just calculate how many canisters of each quality you need, lol. Plus nodes for farm of platinum and Ruby canisters have day limit with very poor drop rate. If you need 10-20k of gold for buy stamina is completely not ok. And if each other elements have their Daily Raid why Astral/Void must be exception?

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It has been less then a day since the update has dropped. I think everyone just needs to have a bit of patience. I’m sure that the Devs have planned events and such to earn Astral canisters already. Let’s just wait and see what’s to come.

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The canisters have no daily limit, just a poor drop rate. I started farming them today and I don’t even have the hero yet.

Platinum and Ruby all have 3/3 – and for more you need reset nodes and spend gold

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I urge the higher authority to decrease the drop rate even more… It is much higher than the number of people those are annoyed with something in this game & say “I’ll quit this game but don’t quit”.


Farm from where? Please

See screenshots

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Hahaha HH knows they don’t quit, they often just change their names and switch alliance lol

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