This is how much gold u need for Astral Canister upgrade!

Worked it out for those who’re wondering. Assuming a drop rate of 10% for any colours, VIP 0:

Each silver bar: 470 stamina = 282 gold
Each gold bar: 1310 stamina = 786 gold
Each plat bar: 6730 stamina = 4,038 gold
Each ruby bar: 22,990 stamina = 13,794 gold

To get to Ruby 6: Total 130,044 Gold needed

This does not take into account you need gold to reset the missions with the 3/day limit. I suspect the drop rate is lower than 10%.

Can someone tell me how much $$$ do I need to pay to buy 130K gold?!


Is this a for sure conclusion or is it just a hypothetical thing since you said “assuming”

Either way, we don’t have the data for drop rates etc. So…

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Assuming. I think this message is yet another way of saying the droprates are too low

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Not sure if you are aware but your gold per energy ratio changes with VIP level so your numbers are not entirely accurate and very rough, it is also based on your own experience only and multiplication of a single data point. Your numbers are wrong, however your message is not. The drop rate for this gear is intentionally this low to encourage spending if you ask me, you have to spend to get stars and you have to spend if you want to upgrade her quickly. Just a further move towards P2W.


It’s worked out precisely based on the number of canisters needed. One can work out the average drop rate based on repeated observations, which is a fair assumption if you’ve done enough observations. The gold needed is less depending on your VIP level, at VIP15 it is basically half as much.

Just sharing with the community how much gold is needed for the canisters
Is it about $US2000 for that 130K of gold?!

Ask Marine to confirm. He’s the only one with a Ruby Luciana as far as I know.

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Holy moly I didn’t know anyone made her ruby yet wow

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Yea I’m just at plat+4. LoL!

This is the reason why I put limits on what I can do on the game. It’s just a game anyway.

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Ain’t wasting my gold for that weak toon anyway. :man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2:


I am going to try to ruby her on at least two accounts. It’s about the only grind left in this game so I don’t see why not.

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