Astral/Void Element Guide

What are these elements?
These elements are opposites of each other. Meaning that one does increased elemental damage to the other.
These elements deal no bonus elemental damage to Universal heroes (Mech/Bio/Energy)
So goes the other way around.

How do we obtain these Heroes/frags?
These heroes will have their own co-op event. Which we can obtain frags from,
They will be available through the following crates:
Feature crate. Step up crate. Most Wanted crate. 5 star crate.
The fragments are obtainable through duplicates or bundles of frags you can win in the Most Wanted crate

How do we upgrade their gear?
They still have the same gear patterns. Except for one thing.
Astral and Void (likely) will have Astral/Void canisters
These are obtained through certain missions of the campaign.
They have a low droprates and are often located on hard missions making it pretty hard to obtain them.

What can we use them for?
The first hero we got has a powerful support kit. And since no element is strong against them except their opposites that means that they are automatically resistant to enemies in the campaign and in coops. Which can be a useful aspect.
This can also be a downside since their damage will not be higher depending on the element. Though at the same time there is also no disadvantage. It entirely depends on what you use the hero for.
For a support hero for example it is advantageous since they focus on staying alive and supporting and not on damage.
For a damage dealer less. Since they will not have elemental advantage.

Thank you for reading! I hope these new elements are well introduced to you now!

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Hello, you forgot the 5 ☆ crate

I plainly forgot that one. Thanks a lot!

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