Universal Frag Cubes

Just have one point,

Since the Universal Frag Cubes are no longer able to be used for every type of element, I’m not really sure they can keep the name “Universal.”

Maybe we should rename them, unless You (the developers) are planning on eventually making them Universal Frag Cubes by including the two new elements on them.

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well Universal is defined as:

of, affecting, or done by all people or things in the world or in a particular group; applicable to all cases.

The particular group in this instance is the original 3 elements.


It is also defined as…

denoting a proposition in which something is asserted of all of a class.

In this definition the “class,” is elements. And the new elements would be included in that.


It’s pretty obvious they want people to spend real $$$. If Universal Frags were allowed to be used on astral and void, then people wouldn’t be spending a ton of $$$ on crates.

It’s pretty apparent the devs only care about how to maximize revenue and not the overall experience for gamers. The community, < not to be confused with community stars > has been asking for things like : getting rid of war sandbag matchups, more pvp tiers < Legendary starts at 1.5M, yet there are a lot of players at over 3M in total power >, more punishment to pvp sandbagger < this includes 2/3 man pvp team >.

It’s no wonder people like Ghastly and Locos just straight quit.


I couldn’t have said it better myself!!!

I’m sorry but here’s my view

  1. Astral and void can be considered out of the normal Hero Hunters dimension that’s why uni frags don’t work

  2. I understand the devs must make money. It’s part of the business. Anyway it’s just a game, it’s your choice if you want to upgrade or move forward.

Even if you can’t 10 star or make a Luciana ruby, it does not ruin the game and I can even see some other heroes who are kind of ruining or changing the game.

I like how devs are putting up new things in the game without destroying the game. It’s a matter of choice for the player.


Actually, I wouldn’t apologize, your out of dimension description really makes sense!

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