August 2021 Event Schedule

Welcome to August!

Please note: this is a very basic calendar of events. I (Skathi) am currently on vacation and scheduled this post ahead of time. I will edit and update the calendar when I return and will let you know of any special events!

Please check in-game the day before the event starts to see Rewards, Bonus Heroes, and other details. Events and content subject to change.

Event text coming at a later date!

Don’t forget about Daily Raids!


Have fun on vacation! Can’t wait for you to return!

Listen, it’s one thing to desire more content from the Devs, and it’s another to just be mean. Shame on you.


if you like to stay in the same things always keep it to yourself, now say that I have to NEVER be ashamed…I always speak the plain truth and something else and because of people like you it is difficult for them to do something new or exciting in game!!!

I’ll say whatever I want to, thank you very much.

What truth are you talking about? Again, it’s okay to be frustrated at the lack of new stuff (which I agree with), but you don’t need to insult people to express that. Don’t act all high and mighty all of a sudden.


Awesome, enjoy your vacation my friend we all will be here when you get back :slight_smile:


Factual truth and a rude opinion are two very different things.

Returning to topic, looks like a fun calendar. Lots of pvp tourneys, looks good

Stop it my young man…stop drooling over them…and the same thing every month…before we had at least two special events in the month, now there’s just 1 and look…hey, there are a lot of players from all over the world playing and just researching special dates in each country and making an event each month referring to that date is so simple…and in fact they don’t care about us…they just want us to spend money buying packages…this is pure reality


Good point actually………

I understand where your frustration comes from. But Skathi is not the person you should let it out to

The way skathi interacts with other people makes me feel she is a good human being, whenever I think of this particular developer I only have respect and never felt any complaints. The reason I write this is to let her not feel discouraged by the personal insult tone with a particular persons message and to let her know There are people like me who appreciate how she interacts with the hh community and I am sure there are many who feels the same way as me.
I am not trying to please developers as I don’t get anything in return. I understand the sentiment for the harsh words as I am also a person who enjoys the game, but do not agree with the way it’s expressed. It’s our choice to play or not play the game , buy or not buy. No one is forcing us to do anything. There is a difference between request, a statement, demand ,order and insult.


That’s true Skathi and Toebeans are the nice devs and they actually answer your questions like they are listening and actually care about what you are saying. That was a breath of fresh air talking to her that day because I wasn’t expecting it at the time

Wait how will elemental wars (pvp) work with new elements?

when will the event text be added to this post?

It has been almost 2 weeks since the calendar has been posted

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Can we at least be able to get the new hero canisters on Sunday? Would be a great addition to the cycle without messing it up since that’s the day all canisters are available.

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That’s a awesome idea but would make upgrading her too easy.

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