Autoplay concept

How would it be for the people who only autoplay to have the ability to switch on a menu where they get a higher perspective of the battlefield and control all your heroes such as abilities, so when hour spectating you press a silver ability for someone but nothing else trigger so that your in control of your heroes, would help a lot with the bad AI’s for some heroes and make it more fun to autoplay

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I feel that hat would be extremely over powered being able to control everyone’s abilities.

Auto-play is there to make it a little easier on players. They could of let it be better by at least keeping the same skill charge rate but they decreased it when on auto and that’s sensible to discourage using it or not to have full advantage. The game is meant to be played on manual as all games are. This is a shooter game with RPG elements (RPG Shooter, it says it in the game’s description), it’s not a strategy game.


Make auto more efficient… m 2 lazy 2 switch in manual… #buffauto & #nerfmanual

I would prefer manual controls having an edge over the auto ones. You put in more work, so it makes sense to get more control over skill-usage and hero piloting.

Auto isn’t designed for winning optimization, it’s meant for ease of gameplay.


I get that and i agree, but my point is to make it feel like your using a masterboard to control your team

I only autoplay raids & gauntlet. Auto is awful.

I auto everything in game. It is a convenience tool.

I have to use auto because my equipment lags.

If my AI bots HEADSHOTS all the time and in AUTO, i’m a happy :sunglasses:.

Auto 24/7/365. . . .


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