Idea for automatic combat

It is more than anything for that there 2 options in the automatic combat, that for example with making a second touch is a mode “semi automatic”,
As well “Semi automatic”?
It is more than all for one to have more control over his character, so as to combine skills, like for example to use first the Knock of Clyde and then use the fast draws to have more damage and so many examples.
I hope the idea is taken into consideration.

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Do you know that you can, in auto mode:

  1. Trigger skills?
  2. Change cover left and right?
  3. Mark which enemy you want your character to attack?

I think this is as close to being semi-automatic we can get without making the auto mode feel not-auto.

I have seen semiautomatic button in darkness rises. In automatic, we can still use movement, attack and skill even though AI use them. In semiautomatic, AI can’t use skill automatically and we can use manually. It prevents premature use of skills and we can use only when necessary.

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@ULFPAM this is what I trying to say, this example, I know all 3 characteristic, but I try to say is this, what the auto not use Skills automatically

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So if I’m understanding correctly; what you’re wanting is for a new mode, “semi-auto”, that functions the same as auto mode, but prevents AI from using their skills unless directed to by the player.

I’m not sure that’s a good idea considering how quickly the skills get charged up. On semi-auto, you’d be doing nothing but switching between heroes constantly and skill cooldowns would be getting wasted really often.

Furthermore - if semi-auto does would end up being a more effective option than the current auto mode, then it would end up being one step closer to making manual control a much weaker option. In my opinion, and I believe in the devs’ as well, manually controlling heroes should always be the most effective way to play the game, while auto mode should be less effort but force you to sacrifice being as effective as you would be normally.


I would actually like to control my heroes like that too though; AI does the shooting while I just click my target and control when they use their skills. The Ai most times will just use a skill as soon as its on cooldown but some skills need to be used in a certain order (Clyde 2.0 being the perfect example).

This wont lessen manual play. Remember the AI still does horrible at aiming when the enemy is behind cover and a good player can get way more headshots. However, it helps to appease both the strategic player who simply wants to think about skill use and the overall team and the FPS style player whose manually going to control the DPS guy and go for kills. This would also be super helpful in bounties when characters tend to overuse skills that aren’t damage heavy enough to warrant use and dps is all that matters.

I dont think it needs to have a separate method of play though. Just a button in the options menu that you check on/off for ‘AI managed skill use in auto mode’ or something like that.

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I think auto aim will be to good this way tbh, it might be nice for bounty though

Fair enough. I think the time I want it the most is bounty. The past 2 months heroes (ifrit especially) had me so annoyed when I put him on auto since he just kept using his heal ability when everyone was at or over 80%. Killed his DPS as the feature hero. Sure he is support, but when you have the biggest damage multiplier, you are the dps.

I would enjoy auto like this for PVP to allow me to switch more between guys and be strategic, but i get that for some this put everything on auto pilot. Definitely a debatable topic.

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