Changes to auto battle

Auto battle is definitely nice to have in the grinding levels but I don’t think auto battle should be an option in every mode. Unplayed levels should require a player controlled character as well as PvP. PvP definitely needs player controlled. Having Auto battle in new levels and PvP takes away from the player experience because the player can play the entire way through the game without actually playing the game. BOTTOM LINE: No complete auto battle during PvP or unplayed levels!

No one forces you to play the game in auto mode.
And a good manual player will always be superioir to an auto player in PvP.


I like that they give the option to autoplay and that no one is forced into either auto or manually playing.

Exactly this. On auto, your heroes will stupidly shoot the cover in front of a target that they could easily be T-boxing. I find myself bouncing in and out of auto-mode. For the evaders, I let auto shoot at them. For the hiders or the immobile guys, I like to have manual control. When I’m commuting, l find that auto-play just what the doctor ordered.


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