AW. Is this something HH should work on

main alliance and the feeder. Where we facing one and seems the other have made truce with their borders and they surprise attacking us. When will the HH laugh stop. As a costumer on this game I’d say this is not on but I’d leave it on the hands of HH.


Surprise attack should go for definitely. Is horrible

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Surprise attack ??? This is really annoying and should find a suitable solution to this sabotage

This feature must be canceled or reduced each day with just one attack
Surprise attack

It cost double BP … that’s a hefty price in itself. !

At least there’s only 2. Imagine if you have to go up against Vrij, Vr1j, Vr2j or own1, own2, own3 etc…

I can’t honestly think of a solution. They’re well run and has a monopoly.

I agree that double BP for a surprise attack is a fair solution and since it’s implementation I see surprise attacks much, much less often. What I will say though is I still feel a surprise attack takeover of a sector should not result in being shielded.

I would have rather kept surprise attacks at normal BP cost and have the resulting attack be unshielded instead because that’s what it’s more closely like in real war. You don’t get to attack behind enemy lines and be all comfy cozy for 8 hours like no one can touch you while your buddies try and connect to where you are.

Either way though, the result would be similar I think.

As far as the friendly alliances teaming up thing goes…many many alliances are friendly with each other, whether they are feeders, sisters, brother alliances or not. This is not something HH could possibly address as a “problem”.

Ahh yes, this war! Hope to see both of them 1 on 1

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