Changing War Improvements

Improvements such as Improve Scouting, Build Faster, Extended Vision, and Risk = Reward are all pretty useless. I don’t see alliances buy those hardly ever. I think changing some of the improvements would be good for us as many players have been complaining about war being boring lately.

One of my own ideas is similar to reinforcements. You would be able to edit your defenses on sectors that are under attack.

Also, maybe some improvements could be changed a bit. @KINGPIN1134 made a post recently asking for Surprise Attack to have a delay since at the beginning of war, you can build and rush the improvement right away, and block other alliances from certain areas on the map.

I’m happy with war right now, but I think most players can agree war could be improved a bit. We are now 15 seasons into war. Let me know your thoughts on this and what improvements you would like to see added :grin:


Risk= reward is not useless for imbalanced alliances…i am small and my alliance is big so when I ever attack I do is less than 70%. That is the only place I disagree.

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Yeah, improved scouting is slightly useful for surprise attacks but could do without, extended vision is usually for planning an attack path but like before it usually doesn’t matter. Risk-reward, usually I try to avoid under 70% anyway and you still get a small amount of rewards anyway. Maybe extended shield duration might be useful but also detrimental especially with surprise attacks…

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Yeah, I can understand that… my only problem with it is chances are ur gonna lose with under 70% anyway so I just don’t think there’s any purpose for it, but I guess the triple alliance gems is nice… but the other three are still useless either way :P.

Actually i win most battles…im not sure why lord galante has mercy on my luck but it happens

Any new improvements are welcomed, I just want surprise attack to have that cooldown.

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New maps!!! We need NEW MAPS!!!


I think the major problem with Risk/reward is that because of the BP limitation, it’s not enough of a reward for the risk.

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So,there are soo many powerful players out there who don’t know how to use improvement tiles… Thats sad

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I think the commanders should have the power to distribute battle points among team members. This would plain out the gaming field in that matter there is equal participation among crews or there should be a way of transferring unused battle points among officers. Just my suggestion.

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