Surprise Attack

Nerf this option. I don’t know… Make limit of day attempts (for example 5 per day). Or make this very expensive (300 gold per hit). Or like shield system – if alliance make Surprise Attack on 2* sector this option turn off on 8 hour, 1* – 5 hour, etc.

Because now this completely absurd. Someone alliances spam and spam this thingy. And war became in pay to win. With poor designed new maps this is ridiculous. Old Surprise Attack system was more better.

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They already did nerf this, the devs increased the cost of scouting so as a result it costs more to suprise attack, not to mention it’s useless once the scout runs out. Seems perfectly balanced already, if your enemies are wasting that much gold just to surprise attack you then they are idiots

I wouldn’t call them idiots. Surprise attack can be utilized as a tactic to cut the enemy supply line to make it so their sectors can’t be defended when you attack them. It is a strategically sound tactic to use and when utilize correctly can help you tremendously. But this also means that war has now become paid to win. Those with the money in the game will be able to utilize tactics others cannot. I believe you take away the gold cost on scouting and make it to where you can only scout three sectors a day. This would make it fair and balance for everyone.


It was always pay to win though, you might as well remove the paying gold to revive your top 5 whilst your at it? The idea of implementing scouting as a one time use before reset kinda works except that would mea there are 25 scouts a round and that would make the problem even worse :joy:

Setting a limit of scouting and having the high cost makes it unsound for tactical advantages, you want to solve the problem use your defences, if you teams arent all down then you need to get on that. Have every tile filled and chokepoints defended. Always be prepared, setting limits on things that don’t need them seems silly

I meant three for alliance

They does 10-15 Surprise attacks at once. Each Battlepoints refresh. And all this even not fight for 1st place or even 2nd place.

Damn that’s mad, they must be using a lot of gold for useless attacks, but regardless it is a part of war and it makes things more tactical. I know we have used it to our advantage and we are 25m strong so limiting that may benefit some but it would hinder us for sure as we face literal unbeatable defences sneak attacks to cut off sectors is out only play sometimes

to me it seems to work pretty well. It actually makes you care about defenses not only on borders but only in key sectors that your supply line depends on.
also the sectors in your defensive bonus area are very hard to take if you field decent defenses

someone who makes extensive use of such tactic will just weaken their own defenses a lot by having offense lines stuck up behind enemy lines in sectors that don’t give much points since they’re cut off

otoh if you’re the kind of team that has lousy defenses behind borders than what can i say you deserve it :smiley:

and in general war is not pay to win. it is much more teamwork to win

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Actually there is a way to remove those defenses and replace them with someone else. There’s the defense advantage that allows you to place defense in sectors that are cut off. I can’t remember the name of it at this moment. On top of that, to remove your heroes all you have to do is defend one of your zones with them. It takes them out of that sector.

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Instead of nerfing it, why not utilize it? It’s there for everyone to use.

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yes it s the last defensive bonus you’re talking about which allows to reinforce cut-off sectors.

sure they can surprise attack you with strong teams then replace them with weaker teams. but what would be the point of doing it. To waste strong teams and give those sectors back by having weak teams there.

the way we’re using surprise attack is to block an enemy from a disputed zone so it gives us time to conquer it while they can’t defend it.

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The point would be to cut your supply line. So you can’t defend against attacks. Also don’t forget shields will be up for a time. So having a strong defense in a shielded sector that’s cut off is a waste. There more than likely would be other sectors where they are more needed.

You’re right about using it for defense also. Surprise attack when used correctly can be a huge help.

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