AW sandbagging Solution

I think a big problem with AW is when a alliance deliberatly lowers thier overall power to beat other alliances in lower power brackets. Even though they have less attack points they have too much power for D lines. So when you factor in lost attacks they are actually beating the system both offensively and defensively.
I suggest this. Instead of having 15 members be the min to enter, make it both the min and max. Only allow 15 members to play in the war. Let the commander and XO pick the members they want to join the war.
I think this will not only stop sandbagging but i also think the war will be easier to coordinate and the wars will be improved by the small map sizes.
Thank you for your time.

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Mr kingpin is correct something needs to be done. But even having 15 memebers they take 10 badasses and 5 shit players be the same results. They are ways to always beat the system. But something needs to be done to fix it. Maybe punish them by having no buffs, less bps but how to track it mught be tough

Plus having only 15 selected. What will happen with the other 10 players? Would they get rewards same even without playing? As if not I am sure they will leave for another alliance where they fit for it. But then it will be a lot of changing alliances. Players will be hopping everywhere. What I think the best is have tag names for alliances and player names so none would know who you have on the map. And when you don’t know that you just gonna fight whoever you feel to. Give no chance to ally. The sandbaging alliances do capture everything and then ally with everyone. As you know who you fighting That’s the problem.

A “Consolation Prize”, 50 universal frags

The prizes will still be collected by all. The ones that play in the war are the ones that want to be there and are actually in the war because they like the format. Keep the prizes the same. Just the effort changes. The wars will have the elite from each group and will carry the rest.
I would love it if it was blank. Alliances often make pacts that only benefiting themselves and box in all competition. Especcially when they take the center. If it is anonymous that will make AW based on strength and strategy. Not who you can team up on. This is HH not FB. No one should win on a social level. Lol

If they want to manipulate the picks for the war let them. Everyone else will have the same option without removing members. At the very least it will level the playing field and give everyone the same options and the same standings if they chose to. This way you are choosing players that not only know what they are doing but actually have what it takes to get things done. AW is not for everyone.

@KINGPIN1134 if I am honest the ones that are slacking in alliance war are the ones that are loving the format. The ones that are playing I am sure the war is doing their heading. The time that takes in wars is extremely more then any other game mode in HH. Requires to coordinate. Defend. Pm team mates. Pm allies. Whenever is alliance wars I always miss resets on my pvp. Wars are hectic. Extremely a lot of time required. I am a war commander and it takes me 70% of my time in this game for alliance wars. Takes more time then playing bounty

I agree. The time consumed by AW is a bit ridiculous. Especially with the limited communication that HH presents. Im a commander too. My crew is Top 25 in bounty with a little over 22 mill in power. I know who comes through for us and who phones it in. Lol but thats a diff topic all together. My idea will deff help soften the amount of players that need communication and direction in AW. As you will be picking members based on what you feel is needed for your alliance.

Having a fixed number of players can be a good thing. No sandbaging to a certain stage. That can give you the cleverness on who to pick and who will come forward and wants to be part. You can run into a clash and probably more then 15 would wanna play and then you pick but the outsiders will leave. I think the tag name and not knowing who you going against is the best. And last think I wanted to say and this is for HH. We need live updates in wars. Alliance wars is extremely frustrating without live updates

In the event that more then 15 members want in, theres solutions. Make alternates so that not everyone is burdened by AW every war week in and week out. You can swap out members to adjust to schedules and the willingness to want to play by each war that comes up. You will never be short handed and everyone will have the option to play.
My second suggestion would make it a sign up thing. Sound off in strategy chat or PM whoever is running AW. First come first serve type of thing.
With all this being said. In my experience when i ask my guys if they like AW. The majority express that they either are down for the alliance and want to help in any way they can or the better we do the better the prizes. If we make the prizes equal. There should never be any jealousy or resentment.

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