War matchmaking suggestion

I think, I found out the simplest solution for war matchmaking, solution is, make a simple rules for participating in war, that, total power Deffrence rule between particular alliance, it like, if there’s 1,500,000 power player in alliance, and he was the highest in alliance then, the others player power should not be lower than 1,200,000 total power, if any alliance not follow the rules, then Discolyfide, no matter how much members in alliance, power Deffrence not allowed more than 300,000,thans, please Reply HH

While I like the idea of something to help prevent sandbagging in war, this particular suggestion is not something I can get behind. This would destroy a lot of alliances that exist if this were put into play. Most that aren’t even sandbagging. Look at my alliance for example, TNEWS. I’m one of the weakest there, being 1.8 mil power, while we have others in the 2.4 mil area. While there is a 600k power difference, we have a very similar top 5. In this example no attempt at sandbagging is made. Just happens to be how our two accounts are leveled.

Other alliances I can think of, who are there to help new comers up, would not have a chance to do what they do. REAVE comes to mind, commanded by the one and only @Raz. Not saying sandbagging isn’t a problem, but this particular suggestion has to many negatives than it does positives, at least in my opinion.

There is no simplest solution to war matchmaking, what we have currently works good enough until it is overhauled in the future. The devs can do math and these algorithms considerably better than players can, they have more information than us so I trust them to get it done properly

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