Reduce the number of participants per alliance in the war

In the AllianzWar not all alliances have the possibility to compete with 25 people. Sometimes you have too few members, sometimes people have little time, or there are people whose main focus is on Bounty.

I would like to see the number of participants per alliance reduced from 25 to 20 people. The registration would then have to be done by the commander or the vice commander. This would eliminate the sometimes unfair allocation of far too strong opponents for not complete alliances. You could also unregister people who just don’t have time without having a disadvantage. And maybe there would be possibilities within the alliance to not register passive members at this event.


Likely not going to happen, but thanks for the feedback!

I agree with this 100%. Personally i think 15 will do with the same maps. 20 would be good too. My issue is its hard to run a competative crew and have to chose who stays and who goes on the basis of multiple formats. Where one guy is a killer bounty guy he might be lacking in AW and in vice versa. No one wants to be dead last in war. With the prizes being so different between formats we are forced to make a effort or miss out on some really good prizes. So just choosing a format is not a option anymore.
Just to have a decent AW game everyone needs to communicate. The game communication system is lacking in a lot of areas. This will help that by making it easier with fewer players to lead.
Another upside is less fatigue. War in and war out we all grind. It would be nice if we could sub players in and out every war. This way you can rotate your roster if needed and keep your AW team strong and refreshed.
The only real issue i see is the prizes. The ones that work deserve better prizes then the ones that do nothing. With that being said giving no prizes isnt fair if your rotating your members for fatigue. So to that i say give them a lesser prize. Maybe cut it in half. This way they will get something for doing nothing and the ones that worked for it get the better prizes.
I would love to see this implemented and im very confident that it will make the AW experience a lot more pleasurable and manageable.

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Yea but why hurt the people that have full rosters that all compete in wars think about it outside of the situation you are in it’s not fair to us that have full teams and full participation

Instead of proposing a lower member count (a solution), why not discuss the symptom you’re experiencing? That’ll help us determine the actual problem, and an appropriate solution.

If you go into the doctor’s office and demand for a flu shot when what’s really affecting you is a broken leg, you’re going to have a bad time.


Excuse me Muninn - please understand this also as a factual comment from me. I sometimes feel as if HH doesn’t understand the players anymore - your comparison with the doctor’s visit shows me that? So you ask about the symptom. As described… it’s hard to get 25 people together for the AWar who all have time and desire. The symptom is the RL of each of us and that can’t be corrected by a visit to the doctor. Bounty you can play as you personally have time and desire. AllianzWar is a 25 player co-op and for some players it is not possible to find common time slots with other players for business or private reasons.
When people are on vacation or cannot participate in War because of RL, should I kick them out of the alliance? Some people suddenly have exceptional situations on the job and can hardly participate anymore.
But also internationally … what is your comparison of doctors? It is not a disease if you are unlucky and people drop out because of RL. You can’t just kick them out and replace them with new members. The result is frustration for those who are left because you don’t stand a chance in war.
Then it is a big difference if the alliance is international or national. Nationally, it is extremely difficult to keep the Alliance at 25 people. The more you make it to the top the harder it gets - that’s the reality as a commander and I’m currently the commander of BD1.
As a commander, you can’t and won’t kick people out and try to replace them because they don’t have the time. We are not a soccer team with 5 substitutes on the bench. The fact that I have already come up with a solution is because I have been struggling with this issue since the introduction of the AWar event and no matter how I deal with it I always come to the same conclusion. It is not good that the registration is based on a maximum number of participants.

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Hamauetak, you describe a very individual situation and want a general “solution” which affects everyone else. It’s like “I only have one leg, I can’t compete in Marathon. Please remove the legs of every single person on earth to let ME compete in Marathon.”
It won’t happen.


Could not agree more with Locarnos, and this same concept applies to so many other types of posts I can not count them. But, basically, one must remember that what is a problem for you is not necessarily a problem in general. For example, if there is any alliance (and there is…several actually) that has members fully participating in AW and Bounties and all those other alliance events and solo events…then by their very existence it is proven that it can be done. So, in my opinion, the problem for you is not that it’s difficult to get all 25 members to participate in AW, it’s difficult to find 24 that play like you do.

Beyond that though, your suggestion comes with a small math problem. Each alliance has 25 members. You are looking for AW to have a max participation of 20. If you think you have a problem keeping a full alliance of go getters now, just wait till you have to pick 5 of them each war and explain to them why they are being benched.

Unless: you are saying 20 participate but all 25 get the rewards??? But even then, that would open up all kinds of alternate account carrying and sandbagging and who knows what other kinds of exploits.

Most alliances deal with this same participation issue during AW, which means we are actually on a level playing field.

Feedback noted. Thanks! In the future, I don’t think I’ll be replying directly to your posts or comments. Feel free to send feedback through the in-game Feedback button.

This reaction is a pity. I won’t write anything more in the forum, because criticism is obviously not wanted then. Thanks to the other opinions which I understand and respect of course.


The other problem is time. When in Europe is 8:00 PM (reset of AW) my american fellows are in their offices (2:00 PM NJ time). How can we compete with people from Russia or another european country?
Sorry boss I cant do this work, have to play a little…

Come on guys this is a game and a darn good one where the devs actually play and listen I have some problems with the game to but I mean come on it’s a game after all not something your world should revolve around and if it does good if not dont complain either play or dont I mean it’s your right… your phone(hopefully lol) so use you right to play or not play that is all

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