AW start time

We have an alliance without the ability of an all on @ start / reset. Each war, this is a huge detriment to how we do. For instance, I’m in my car every day @ start / reset picking up my kids from school. I’ll never be able to be on @ that time unless something like today happens, and they’re home sick.

Suggestion: Have the start / reset with limited attacks available. My start / reset is @ 2PM so I’ll use that as the base.

Day 1
2PM 5 members are allowed to attack
4PM 5 more members are allowed to attack
6PM 5 more members are allowed to attack
8PM 5 more members are allowed to attack
10PM All members are allowed to attack

Reset day 2, 3

This would stop the onslaught of alliances of people home @ “2PM” and also provide another huge strategy. Who do we send out first, 2nd, etc. Yes, those who are allowed to start @ 2PM would get 23:59 hours to use their attacks and those starting @ 10PM would lose 8 hours of available attack time. There would be less of a, “wait and see” time frame to worry about though, I don’t see this as an issue.

Perhaps the day before start / reset, members could pick which slot they would be attacking in for the following day(s).

Food for thought. I’m getting discouraged with AW largely b/c I like my alliance, but, we suck mostly b/c of RL restraints.

Happy Hunting!

By limiting people from attacking would this not then completely destroy tactical and strategical hits? Seems unfair if we start attacking and plan our Zones and march into a base left undefended to just let them defend as we can’t attack?

It can be hard for some members to attack at reset and war start but the answer is to find members who can be on at reset if you want to be an AW group, it’s a harsh and competitive game type and you need the right people to do it right


It would not destroy tactical and strategical hits. Strategy would be modified, ongoing throughout the war. Allowing 5 members to attack @ the 1st hour would easily allow for 10 sectors to be obtained. 20 by next set, etc. Yes, going to an alliance with members who can all be on @ “2pm” is an option and the only current option to get that advantage. I just think the mode could be tweaked so that those who actually like their alliance don’t have to leave b/c they can’t all log on at a certain time.

I am curious as to what power you are playing at? Because at 30m+ this type of game change would destroy tactics entirely

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We are in expert.

Why do you think it would destroy it?

So, looking at cause vs. symptom vs. treatment, you’ve described a symptom of not being able to be a part of an Alliance due to their restrictions. These could be part of a cause that has to do with the way War is implemented, or a way War is perceived.

I’ll pass your feedback and experience along.

I am in Tubesteaks, we are 32m and we are a top war alliance. If we want to break through teams 115k/120k+ we need to work together and get good strong quick hits in to break through their front line. If we can only do 5 people at once then there will never be any moving the line forwards, we would take a few sectors and never be able to break into their base or cut them off at strike points.

We rely on domination by having 10/15 people ready to attack every time, because if you’re not then someone else is. War would become a stalemate without lining up hits from multiple people


Hey Muninn, thanks for replying.

I believe it’s the way War is implemented. I don’t perceive that I’m unable to play the game @ 2PM, it’s a fact. Much like Gale said, and you hit on as well, I likely couldn’t belong to an alliance that requires members to be on @ the start of War. If members of my current alliance wanted to be in an alliance that does full attack @ the start, they could leave and find one, or I could be kicked out if our alliance was modified to such restrictions. We are currently losing members to such alliances and it’s a bummer b/c I’ve liked some of them and was sad to see them leave.

Again, thanks for replying. :wink:

Gale, 5 slots would open up per time slot. An alliance could have nobody attack at the 1st hour and then 10 at the 2nd slot. It wouldn’t stop the 1st 5 from attacking after the 2nd slot opened up and so on is what I’m getting at. Maybe I didn’t describe it well? Would that lessen the loss of strategy you are mentioning? There could still be attacks held back for when alliances’ borders collide.

Yes it would unfortunately, because what you just described wouldn’t change anything, you can save all your 5s until 5 hours into the war and try to fight back domination with all your attacks or you can use 5 each hour and just be at a stalemate or be pushed back anyway. Strategy in war require coordination to dominate, if you are limited in coordination then you won’t get anywhere and war would get even slower than it already is

I agree coordination is a huge necessity of AW. I don’t agree that staggering the start would create a stalemate.

I don’t know exactly how to fix the issue I mention, it’s just my idea of how. I really think the ability for an alliance to all or largely be on at a certain time shouldn’t give them such the advantage it does in a mode that gives nice rewards as it does.

It does suck, back when war started when I was in a different alliance we had to change our roster quite alot to find people who wanted to do war properly and could be on at reset. It’s the only way the alliances like us stay on the top of the leaderboard. You may need to look at findings some players in different countries to help out with your problem


“It’s the only way the alliances like us stay on the top of the leaderboard.”

The exact part of AW I think needs to be addressed. :wink:

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I think @Gale meant “us” as people like him who “wanted to do war properly”. The only way to stay on top was to find more people like them.

Not sure if having a bunch of people want to do well… to do well… is something that needs to be “addressed” … at least in the manner proposed


Just to clarify my position to your idea, while I think your idea has plenty of merit, it still requires people to be on at exact times. if your alliance has trouble coordinating 1 time, could you imagine trying to coordinate 5 more start times?

The less coordinated or tryhard team will always lose… its just a matter of how long its gonna get dragged out

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H, I want to do well. I spend money now and then for an advantage. A good portion of our alliance would like to do well, some more than others as is life. I can’t change the fact that I can’t log in when this event starts. That puts me and others like me, in any alliance, at a disadvantage.

One person I talked to in our war said its 3am at start for them. :-/

I’m not saying having an alliance full of people who can be on isn’t a smart move, as the mode works, it’s just unfortunate.

2nd post
Yes, uncoordinated alliances will always fail. 110%

Sorry I did not mean to imply you or your alliance didn’t try hard.

But perhaps like @gale suggested a Reorganization is In order. You don’t need all 25 on at 2 pm just a core group that can rotate enough to create front lines. I have rotated jn and out of that based on my schedule and availability because I’m fortunate to have a well distributed alliance. The second group fills in the blanks or recaps. Perhaps you have too many people that are second groupers. There are some in my alliance that are second groupers Only (some… not all) but they cover the attacks that happen or need to happen overnight or the early morning.

Reorganizing for events is why there were bounty and pvp alliances, can’t be best at everything unless you have 25 people that are super try hards, and there aren’t enough of those alliances for you to be overpowered by them everytime (not to mention there is always the power of truces, the weakness in overwxtensions, and other mechanics such as surprise attack)


My apologies, but I couldn’t disagree more with this idea. It completely eliminates the ability to blitz unless you “save up” your attacks? By the first model posted of when members get to attack and how many…….by the time my alliance has enough “saved” attacks to run an effective blitz I would be in bed (I get up at 3:30 am) So what then? Do I get to post that I can’t be part of attacks when my alliance wants to run a blitz because I’m in bed?

Alliance wars was starting at 3pm my time. Now it’s 2pm (I’m assuming because HH doesn’t use Daylight Savings Time like the U.S. does). Point being, I adjusted and figured out how to be on at AW start and reset (at both times). All I have to do is make my attacks, takes like 2 minutes tops and then come back in an hour or so after I’m home and adjust my defenses (I am also picking up my kids at AW starts and resets).

Adjusting the game to alleviate one niche of people’s availability issues will inevitably create an availability issue for another niche of people. Not everyone can be accommodated in every way

No apologies needed, it’s just a game :slight_smile:
Not everyone can be accommodated in every way, no. Changing the start time altogether would do just that, create an issue for another group of players.

I don’t know a perfect solution, but, availability of being online at the same time every day seems like a non game related advantage. Everyone can spend money if they’d like, that’s a fair advantage. Everyone can reset coops to get more frags, that’s a fair advantage. Having an advantage of being on at a certain time each day, as big as that advantage is, just seems like it could use another look.

Fundamentally changing how the war is played by funneling attacks I disagree with on all points. That’s my stance.

To the nature of your issue though, I completely understand. For me, Bounty start time doesn’t work. I don’t get to really hit bounty until it’s been going for 7 or 8 hours. By then, others have been able to play through their whole roster and have recharged. And that’s just the way it is. And that’s just the way it is for AW. No amount of changing when an event starts will ever change the basic fact that for some it’s good and others not.