Axel - Update 8.0

New hero: Axel

:sparkles: Skins:

Rare: Marine

NEW! Rare skin for Pariah: Trix

:sparkles: Featured Factions: UAF Airborne and The Watch

PVP Event Changes

In this update, two of the PVP tournaments will have a special rule of only the bonused heroes being allowed to be used. Additionally, Free Play will be available throughout all the events. We hope that this will make these events a bit more interesting for you, allowing for different team comps to emerge on the scene. Looking forward to your feedback on the experience!
Some of the Elemental Brawls will also have special rulesets - like being Support or Tank only or only Terraventa-themed.

:sparkles: Events:

  • Blitz events

  • Bounties

  • PvP Tournaments

  • New PVP Season

  • Co-op Raids

  • Alliance Wars

  • Ethereal Raid

  • Extreme Raid (with an extra day added for this update!)

:sparkles: Additional events

Easter Holiday Scavenger Hunt

Time to Hunt some eggs and get some nice rewards!

Min’s Danger Sim: Community Clash Special!

Face the dangers that our Community Clash Champions have prepared, make it to wave 50 and win the awesome Portrait with a base design by @supremo!

Hope you also enjoy the team introductions written by your suspicious CM :eyes:

P.S. Portrait rewards will be sent to the Community Clash Champions and to the Portrait Contest winner in the following few days!

“Clockwork”, “Aspid” and “Annihilator” Co-Op Raids

During this update, you will have the chance to obtain Stygia’s, Spewage’s and Matador’s Mythic skins from special co-op raids and crates!

Two Additional Elemental Wars

Besides the specially modified brawls mentioned earlier, there will also be two additional ones with the standard rulesets for the event!

An additional Gear Raid

One more raid than usual with Gear rewards is also coming your way!

Extra Bounty Event

An additional weekend for all bounty enjoyers, heavy hitters and MW token collectors!

:sparkles: Hero changes:

:muscle: Buffed Heroes:

Heckler and Flatline :point_right: Hero Buffs - 8.0

:gear: BUG FIXES & MISC.:

  • Fixed an issue with missing SFX for Raijin’s normal attacks;

  • Added “Plus Skin” tag for Heckler’s Common Skin;

  • Improved the UI of Sheshen’s Platinum Ability to show numbers after the decimal;


What exactly did SMC do? The game is no longer compatiable with my phone??


In my team, three players have the same problem

This is what I got :smiley:

It’s time to get a new phone buddy.