Easter Holiday Scavenger Hunt 2024

Hello Hunters!

The Easter bunny looks a bit different this year :eyes:

Our previous Easter bunny, Pris, got lost on her way back from patrols so we had to find a replacement. This is also why Easter arrives a bit later to the Hero Hunters universe this time around.

Now that our new bunny is here, let’s get down to business!

Starting at 12AM UTC on April 12th (5PM PST on April 11th) until 12AM UTC on May 22nd (5PM PST on May 21st), make your way through Normal and Hard Campaign modes, to locate and shoot all 100 Eggs!

normal 60 Normal
rare 30 Rare
legendary 10 Legendary

What awaits you after finding and shooting all 100 Eggs are:

2 Hero Crate Tokens
3 Gilded Crate Tokens

And a thematic Portrait and Rare Skin for Pariah - our new Easter bunny!

As always, broken Eggs will give you some Holiday currency to spend in the Holiday store! The store itself will contain some very wanted items - like thematic skins, frags and very special cores!

Happy Hunting!


Love the reference to the Pris patrol hero meme.
But darn that’s a scary bunny!


Another Holiday skin. Ever since they did Cross dirty I’ve never liked them.

I have to say though, this bunny is horrifying. I love it! Nice job!


Update: due to newly arised circumstances, the Scavenger Hunt will start a week later than initially announced. More details to come tomorrow.

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hum interesting
I will have more time to solve my cell phone problem ‘-’


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