Back to back to back PVP events = Fatigue

I want to sound as mature and constructive as I can, because that’s how I feel about the last series of events.

We had back to back to back to back PVP events. It can get both fun and frustrating at the same time especially if it happens consecutively:

  1. We need real content/events although I appreciate these pvp events, we need actual content for these new events not recycled mechanics-also applies the for solo raids, coop raids and pvp events. Coop pvp perhaps? Scaled PVP to focus more on skills? No hearts refill pvp to remove VIP money grinders?

  2. It highlights the power calc issue that the devs kept on shelving they may say they are addressing it, but in reality, we haven’t seen anything tangible in their end since the problem began. For instance in a brawl fight and you’re fighting at the silver range, you can sometimes have a power difference in matching of 1-2k but your enemy have a 8-9* all gold and you have 5-7* all silver. It’s insane.

  3. Thank you for scaling the rewards better I really appreciate now that the points requirement are not as ridiculous as before. For people like me who needs to work but also wants to play religiously, it’s a good compromise.

Again, thanks for trying to fill us with events, but I hope we get better, true, new game modes than recycled, rapid turnover, of the same grindy mechanics.

Peace and Love!

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