Baised favor to some factions & Miscellaneous

Just saw the new Hero and I’m disappointed in regard to the faction choice that DECA went with. Let me give my observations stated below:

I feel some some factions are favored more since DECA took over with the same factions being featured within 12 months of being featured last.

Morlocks: 2 new heroes in 2022 (Spewage April 2022? & now Marcus Dec 2022)

The Following is mixed from HotHead & Deca, who(DECA) should have studied the trends for update/featured Faction and not re-use factions

Rangers: 2 Astral heroes (Everest Oct 2021 & Barrel July 2022)

Magistrates: 2 Astral heroes( Hikari Jan 2022 & Eruin Oct 2022)

KLG BlackOps: 2 new heroes ( Stygia Nov 2021 & Cyber August 2022)

Mercenaries: 2 new Heroes (Verril July 2021 & Valkyrie June 2022)


In line with the Featured Faction/New Hero topic, here’s my 2cents on some of the new heroes and faction placement could have been done this year

ERUIN - Patriots
BARREL - The Watch

Ruby skill changes for existing heroes

ORACLE - Tactician (currently Supported)
DOGFACE/GUNSMOKE - Doing Damage( currently Supported)
COMMANDER - Tactician (currently Supported)
KEEL/BARRICADE - Tactician (currently Supported)
HIVEMIND - Initiator (currently Tanked Up)
KOBOLD - Initiator (currently Tanked Up)
PARIAH - Initiator (currently Tanked Up)

That’s about it. Lol

PS: Bring Legendary Skins back(there’s only 5)(Vanguard & Françoise need skill change skin)

I do appreciate DECA for their commitment to the forum feedback/ comments (e.i Caine’s new mythic skin)

Apologies in advance if I ruffled anyone’s feathers with this post.

Thanks for your ears.

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You have a few good points, a few heros could use tachtician, although I don’t know about giving tanks initiator,

Some factions do need more heros, however the ones we have (except Marcus imo) are all in the factions they fit into the most. I mean cmon we need more patriots! The last one we got was like what, fiber and serial?


I think Hideo, Pris, and maybe Salvatore should have ruby skill of Doing Damage.

Rearline heroes like 4-cep, Purifier, Harbinger, Artemis, Astrix, Prophet, Sentry, Dogface (already mentioned above), Ghoul… I think should have ruby skill of Doing Damage as well.

I’d like to see Kurtz get ruby skill of Initiator. Most players want to kill Kurtz immediately whenever they see him. Giving him invincibility during first few seconds of the match can definitely help with his survival.


Lots of heros definitly need different ruby abilities, hopefully deca will make these changes

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This game is seriously broken. Don’t need broke that harder. Tactican/Initiator skills it’s skills for premium heroes. 7* or Astral/Void (I still think what Voltage and Cyber is Void heroes which got regular elements because update delays). If devs start give premium skills for various old trash heroes this is not good. Same with give Doing damage for supports and snipers. Are you understand what this is most powerful heroes and backline hard targets plus have best view on whole map?! I’m first day player, I remember which chaos happened during «role change» actions from HotHead. And this was not good too. I like proposition about Legendary skins. Plus I wanna see more level 6 rare skins. Someone like Ronin is badly needed that. Faction changes… I remember only one time when this happens – when Phrancoise and Halo join in People’s Guard from Watch. Also I remember HotHead’s promise remove Cobold or Bucket from release faction to another, but this is still promise, lol.

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I also felt like some heros used to be void, I can see spewage with a different appearce and visual effects as ability, his lore. his common skin even has a vibe like void to it, but who knows

Can’t believe it that Halo & Françoise were with The Watch, really disappointed they got moved to People’s Guard

Spewage’s template (Barrage) would have been a great addition to Terraventa faction, the guy’s a beast in Forged Fantasy

I think it would’ve been great to see Barrage in HH

We need less copy paste heros, we need more original traeverta heros like sheshen

Shenshen’s template Hushen’s skills are a mirror of Beck’s skills, so like Spewage, not a an original hero, just the element and skills have been changed

Sheshen is a original hero I though? I haven’t seen her counterpart in ff if she has one,

HotHead Games had all the character templates for Forged Fantasy here in Hero Hunters, they started reworking Terraventa hero templates when Kier came out

Yes hot head had the heros left over when deca took over, from redesigning luci/kier all the way up to Valk, than barrel and the rest of new epic heros came along,

However I think sheshen is a all new original ff hero, if I’m not mistaken I don’t believe she’s in FF

Look like this is not impossible now. HH is DECA game, FF stay with HotHead. Look like this is main reason why we don’t see new Urgent Missions and continue of storyline with worlds collide.

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I see where you’re coming from Basher, Shenshen is a reworked hero but placed back on the Terraventa faction in HH so yes she is a new hero for HH.

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@Deca_Willow can Halo and Françoise be moved back to The Watch faction?! #wishfullthinking

Hey there! Thanks for the feedback and suggestions! I’m not sure if such changes are possible, but I will make sure to provide your opinion to our team!

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