January 2019 Updated Hero & Fragment Locations


In the 1.13 update, coming in January 2019, several highly sought-after Heroes are being added to the Hero Crate to give players a new way to expand their rosters. Every Store will also be getting an availability refresh for fixed-slot Hero Fragments!

Read on to see where you’ll be able to locate your favorite Heroes!

Hero Fragment Updates

Anvil-64x64 Anvil

Added to the Hero Crate!

Baron Baron

Added to the Hero Crate!

Caine Caine

Added to Hard Mode missions!

Callidus Callidus

Removed from the Alliance Store as a fixed selection. Added to the Hero Crate!

Cinder Cinder

Added to the Hero Crate!

Dogface Dogface

Removed from the Gauntlet Store. Look for him in Hard Mode missions!

Elite Rifleman Elite Rifleman

Added to the Hero Crate!

Fortress Fortress

Added to the Hero Crate!

Galante Galante

Removed from the Alliance Store as a fixed selection. Added to the Hero Crate!

Gammond Gammond

Removed from the PvP Store. Look for him in Hard Mode missions and the Hero Crate!

Halloway Halloway

Added to the Hero Crate!

Halo Halo

Added to the PvP Store! Look for her in the Hero Crate!

Hardscope Hardscope

Added to the Gauntlet Store!

Keel Keel

Removed from Hard Mode missions. Look for her in the PvP Store!

Kobold-64x64 Kobold

Added to the Hero Crate!

Shinobi Kunoichi

Removed from the Daily Login Calendar. Look for her in Hard Mode missions and the PvP Store!

Mandrake Mandrake

Removed from the PvP Store. Look for him in Hard Mode missions and in the Hero Crate!

Richter Richter

Added to the Hero Crate!

Savage_a Savage

Added to Hard Mode missions! Look for him in the Hero Crate!

Sentry Sentry

Added to the Daily Login Calendar!

Vanguard Vanguard

Added to the Hero Crate!



PVP Store
Mandrake (removed)
Gammond (removed)
Halo (new)
Keel (new)

Hard Mode
Keel (removed)
Kuno (new)
Dogface (new)
Savage (new)
Caine (new)
Gammond (new)

Alliance store
Callidus (removed)
Galante (removed)

Gauntlet Store
Dogface (removed)
Hardscope (new)

Login Calendar
Kuno (removed)
Sentry (added)

Hero crate additions
Elite Rlfleman

(Made some edits as I left a couple of heroes out in my original post)


Will the drop % of 7 star heroes be effected by all the additions? or will only heroes of the same starting stars be adjusted?

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Will the downloading issue last december be solved? Hope its fixed, and looking forward to the new update

aaand my source of heronium is gone LoL, not entirely gone since I can farm it in hard mode, but it requires a lot of energy, gotta evolve maven to max then :stuck_out_tongue:


finding fagments to power gammond up will now take ages

So I guess we get district 13? SInce only one hero is removed from the hard mode, but 5 are added.

@Muninn Sentry was on my login calender since you changed it to the 10 day calender :thinking:


I feel you!
But yeah I got Maven to fall back on. But still, Dogface and Mandrake leaving their stores is r o u g h


Wait, if galante and callidus is removed from alliance store then who’s gonna replace them? :thinking:

Maybe we get 4 random heroes each day? Or they just delete them and we stay with two random heroes.

4 random heroes sounds like a good idea, but if both of them are replaced with Sapphyr and Bolt I will evolve the crap out of them LoL :joy:

I still have Maven as a heronium source might work on flat next?? and seeing as Savage and Hardscope will be added to the “grindable” list I dont have a problem. My plat 3 5* Savage can actually look his part. I’m more excited that Mecha are being featured more than any other hero types. They’re the odd ones out…

I dont know how I feel about dogface being replaced

So is everyone cool with these changes? I mean, adding Caine, Savage and Halo are all well and good but if it comes at the cost of removing Dogface, Mandrake and Gammond from Gauntlet and PVP Store, at the same time…

I would think that Dogface, Mandrake and Gammond were the most popular farmable heroes. And Caine, Savage and Halo were previously totally unfarmable so it means that many players who lose Dogface Mandrake and/or Gammond and want to build Caine Savage and Halo up basically have to start from scratch to build them up.

Not only that, Dogface and Mandrake are so important in campaign and pvp respectively. It’s a big player nerf to remove these 2 as farmable heroes from the Gauntlet and PVP Store respectively.

Fitting them into Hard Mode mitigates the situation somewhat but obtaining their fragments from Hard Mode comes at a cost of stamina - which means you either choose the fragments (which means you halt your promotion upgrades) or you choose the promotion gear (which means you halt your hero fragment acquisition). That’s why it was so important for Dogface and Mandrake to be available in Stores, where the player does not have to make a either/or choice between using their stamina for frag farming or upgrading their heroes. It’s a big player squash, to be sure.

I’d ask HHG to reconsider the removal of Dogface and Mandrake, they’re just too important.

Full disclosure - yes, I have a 10-star of each of Gammond, Dogface and Mandrake. However, the proposed changes are not gonna affect me as much as I have many other heronum sources. I just wanna speak up for the little guys!


I’m totally not affected by this, I have enough 10* and I get a lot of heronium from PvP crates, my Hardscope is also 10* so for me it’s an even trade.

But I agree, this will change a lot for the newer players, or the ones that farmed the wrong hero.


I have 20+ 10 starred heroes, so yes, this will not affect me that much either. BUT those of us who are not powered up so well and with sufficient diversity will be hit pretty bad.

And another point, having Dogface in the Gauntlet store means you can have a frag acquisition rate of 15 frags per day (assuming VIP 0 to 9), and up to 30 frags per day (assuming VIP 10 and above).

Currently, it is not clear whether Dogface will feature in 1, 2 or 3 Hard Mode missions but even assuming that it’s gonna be 3 missions, you get a maximum frag count of 9 frags per day. This means you now need a whopping 40% more time (assuming VIP 0-9) and 300+% more time (assuming VIP 10+) for maxing out Dogface than before!

This is truly unfair on those who have not been able to max out Dogface before the patch hits.

Again, I ask HHG to reconsider this decision.

It’ll be a new meta, new possibilities for new players. I am affected by these changes as two of my three heronium farms are taken a bit away, but I’m still not gonna support your petition to have HHG reconsider this. It is what it is, a game with rules that needs to change from time to time.

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You are still working for HHG I can see haha.

No, on a serious note, I get what you’re saying but this is pretty important. Dogface is an important hero. He’s a great example of starting out as a modest 1-star but the higher you get him the better he gets. He powers through campaign and is useful for PVP. He was great in Min’s simulator and is super reliable and can always find a role in various events or other.

Unless there are big boosts being planned for Hardscope, Hardscope just isn’t the same. Their damage ceiling may be similar BUT Hardscope’s is conditional.


Very excited for halo and keel in PvP store and also for whom to be in alliance store… Well what about ALLIANCE WAR…


They will be replaced with random Heroes.