The Watch and Mercenary (Abandoned faction)

lately there have been updates very parents with a lot of heroes for such factions. but eh Noticed that the Faction ‘’ The Watch ‘’ have it very abandoned. I do not even see that they are the ones rewarded in the Chase-rewards, nor a new hero for that Faction.

What? I can’t understand the issue but the Watch has two members switch to the People’s Guard, Fran and Halo

good. But in my opinion. That faction ‘’ The Watch ‘’ Deserves New Heroes. They have already taken two, now they deserve to be given two new ones.

OK healer? Check.
Sick DPS? Check.
Some tanky boi? Check.
Need of one or two new heroes? Indeed!

You should take a look at the Rangers or Mercenaries then, they only have 2-3 heroes, they need more than all the others.

you’re right. I forgot to include them in this topicc.

I remember reading somewhere that some of the smaller factions will be combined with another faction in an event. We will see if that ends up true.

My faction wish list is topped by klg irregulars and the shoremen, because both of the have some awesome heroes that i want to see in bounty and frag events.

But yeah the watch hasn’t starred in an event yet, while some factions have have had two turns iirc.

I’m pretty sure we had The Watch as a featured faction quite a while ago

I can’t remember the watch, I don’t think we had them as a month

We had them giving bonus in a bounty long ago. Don’t know if we had them featured the same way we have now

how long ago did they start doing a new hero every month? my first bounty was the odachi/kunoichi double feature back in…June, was it?