Balance updates or normal routine

  • 2 Months of balance changes
  • 1 month of balance changes
  • Regular scheme

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Balance update is composed of bug fixes and balance changes

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balance updates to what exactly? as far as hero adjustments that happen like once a month?


More like bug fixes. With every update we get more and more bugs. And yes also some balancing. While i know not everything can be balanced i can say that some underloved characters can get some love. Since my thoughts are that every hero is unique and serves a purpose.
And i think that every character should be unique at their role.
Obviously some heroes perform a job better. But never the same

Bug fixes -Yes pls. As for balancing, I accept may occur. When one encounters them, one should decide which side of that imbalance one wants to be on. You then have to figure out what it takes to get there. Hopefully you achieve what you set as a target and have fun along the way

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