Broken game

Can any dev tell me what is wrong with this game? It’s broke and broke again. Nothing is working there. First it’s happened with bounty events and now this is even happenings with game also and again and again. It’s very annoying. There is nothing to play. we can not play pvp nor do co op raids. First you delayed update and now this annoying thing happening again and again. I hope you will fix it immediately not “soooooooon”.

I sadly must admit, more and more lately I have started to think that this game might not be a priority to them, but at least they are still here, just need to get things done a little faster that’s all really


3 updates in 8 months this year. I don’t think anything is going to get fixed - " SOOOOOOON "


We are currently experiencing some technical issues. I understand that this is far from perfect but unfortunately these things happen. We are doing our best to make changes to mitigate the existing problems and stop new ones from occurring.


I am grateful that you are here to answer on every issue. I appreciate it. I know all of you are trying best but everyone see result not practice. Currently there is almost nothing to do in game. Currently this game don’t need a new hero but fixing problem like of given above and update on a proper/right time. You can make existing hero a bonus hero and release update while working on new hero. And buff some existing heroes which are almost useless like brogan, Marian’s(damage) etc. It will give you enough time for working on new things and everyone will be happy.

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