The last two updates are making people leave

I have enjoyed this game for the past six months and appreciate the developers who have made the game fun. But I think the last two months of the update are making people leave.

I think ‘Panzer’ was an interesting attempt, but in the end it was a failure. And they intentionally repeat the same mistake. When a new character comes out, the character breaks the overall balance. People inevitably have to use the character, and those who do not use it are culled. When a new character comes out again after a month, the previous new character is nerfed. It is a bigger problem that it is being patterned.

Also, recent updates have increased the time it takes to get PVP. The skill of the new character further stimulates this phenomenon. As a result, the game is becoming boring and obvious. A similar team is overflowing and the rest of the users become second-banana.

I use a new character to survive, but it is no longer fun and I feel guilty for others. And will this also nerf in a month? I understand that developers also need to generate revenue. But the last two months have not looked so good. I know it is difficult to satisfy everyone. But you have made and maintained a good game, so the recent moves are even less satisfying. You casually throw out something new and eventually it spoils something. And it is being rescheduled quickly.


The way I see it;
Sure, Panzer made things hard but look - we all survived her domination month. Here we are. If Ifrit will be the Panzer of August then I’m sure we’ll survive that as well.

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I agree.
I don’t know what they’re thinking.
Why ruin the game balance like this?

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Yeah, I will watch for another month.

We survived it, because we thought it would get better next month. But it didn’t. It got even worse. If you were playing high level pvp you had the bugged Oracle before Panzer. So it is the third month that the new hero is mandatory to get anywhere in pvp.
They tried to balance out heroes for higher variation in teams and then bring out a hero that is mandatory, because you can build a team around him making him unbeatable. So much for the variation. The only question asked is Mandrake or Heimlock as fifth.


Don’t forget halo, 4 months, besides the min maxing en sometimes broken match power

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Ya, I am not really seeing much that has changed in the way of the crappy heroes getting buffed. The only real DPS are still Panzer and Dog. Healing is still dominated by Nightingale and Heimlock. Caine and Mandrake are still widely used as support.

Matches now just take longer with the hp increase. Flatline and Ifrit make for endless revives.

A couple of the ok heroes got nerfed and are no longer viable (Gammond, Matador). Look at the top 20 right now in PVP, every team has Ifrit and Flatline save 4 (and they still have Ifrit). Most also include Nightingale, Caine, Panzer, and/or Heimlock.

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Since most people only had Halo and Baron on Platinum, you could stand a chance with a little bit of luck. Ich won 50% against this Duo. It wasn´t as worse as Panzer or Irfit. But yes, they still took to much time to fix it.

It’s not making me leave - change is scary for some people. Oh dear

I am with you on this. I’m more of the adapt to changes kind of guy. While Panzer made it hard last month it didn’t really stop my regular PVP progression (placement 1000 - 500) and I don’t think Ifrit either.

As a counter I once again showed the game to some guys at work and one of them installed it immediately - so yey, we won a new player! He had no interest in the game before, partly since he thought the PVP battles seemed un-engaging but he was also attracted to the Patrols (???) and some other new tweaks and features.

I have no problems with changes either. But to adapt you have to play the same team as everyone else. Otherwise you don’t stand a chance.But I don’t want to play like everyone else. I want to meet different teams.
I could get the new hero every month at first day and bring him to platinum in a few days. But what’s the fun of doing so? If you have adapted other than just building the same team as everyone else please let me know, I want to try that too.

How do people adapt to change?

  1. Adapt by participating in the cash grabs = incentivize HHG to make more cash grabs.
  2. Cry while you see your blood and sweat babies 50k+ power get massacred by money.


  1. Play at 10-20k power using unused heroes = more gameplay variety HAHA

But yeah, the current state is a bummer to say the least. For me, I’m not yet leaving but I stopped my monthly gold stuff. Vote with your money right?


Agree what is told.
Looks like they chose the money strategy: making new character that is overpowered, than next month they nerf him and create new one overpowered. Players have to buy this heroes each month and get useless same heroes in future after the nerf.
But that wasn’t a problem for me… the problem is new battle system that made battles to last 40 sec -> 1,5 - 2 min. Ifrit’s bug is making this battles to last 2 min - 3 min.
I think I’m a player that played the most amount of pvp battles in this game.
But for now I can’t and don’t want to play 3 min battles.
Yes, they are losing players.
I think I’m also going to leave soon, pvp became really boring and routine.


@JokerAHAHA I will never let you leave!! :rofl:

Change is hard and I am not a fan of the new changes. Not every month is going to be great and the past month has been a dull and a Borden each day.

I really hope they will come out with some really really hard lvls (Missions) for Top players. They really need Alliance Vs Alliance to spark everyone’s interest again.

PvP will never change. There will always be certain Hero’s everyone uses. Some strong, some not. This months PvP forces you to focus on support just as much as DPS. Last couple of months have just been DPS with battles over in 30 secs or less. Now you have to really focus and pay attention. I’m a fan and not at the same time. All I can do is adapt, overcome, and attempt to master the new PvP style of play.

And your right; can’t make everyone happy… I really hope September Update is awesome and really makes me excited again.


I’m really not a fan of the 2-3min matches and most matches being healing/revive loops till I get bored to death. To make it even worse the PvP gem rewards are now reduced by 75% due to the 4x-6x longer matches making the effort to play PvP a LOT less rewarding. The main idea with this game was to Shoot and kill your opponents, not to out survive your opponents. I have just come home from a 2 weeks vacation and have 5 days to play PvP before work start, I find myself do the little I need to keep safe top100 and do other things than playing the game I else would. Balance the PvP rewards (100 PvP gems pr kill instead of 20) to the time spent on matches now should be done immediately and not wait till next moths update. More and more matches will end up with only 1-2 kills if any as more get Ifrit Platinum the coming days, so this is going to get a lot worse soon.


The game has become incredibly boring.

I am finding it very hard to motivate myself to play Nevermind my alliance members, many are on the brink of leaving and have played since beta.

Halo plat > oracle > panzer and now ifrit all in a row 4 months on the bounce and all have been terrible inceptions.

The plan with this new update was to bring diversity to builds, but once again it messed up and is completely dominated by healers. 80% of heroes are not even viable in PvP, fortunately I am lucky enough to have many levelled that are. I feel for the newer players.

There needs to be play testing and feedback in future for new hero releases then tweak accordingly before fully releasing.

I really want to see alliance wars also, or some extremely difficult Co-op missions I can actually play with friends and not just auto, probably 99% of my play time is now auto purely because everything is boring.

If HHG cannot fix this hero issue quickly then they should atleast increase PvP Gems an increase drop rates for gear.

I hope this once amazing game can get it’s mojo back.



Man, I remember when I had to try dojo 55 over and over, trying different tactics.

Nowadays I just pick 3 random plat heroes and go afk for a few mins…

So how do you know how many people are leaving? Do you have this information?

It’s just a bold statement made without any initial info to back this up. So from my point of view I just see false claims and whining

Because I went recruiting yesterday, that can be a tough thing normally, but one after the other 400~k player wanted to join because their alliance disbanded, I’ve seen at least 5 top 50 just stopping, leaders quiting and others joining some random 1 million alliance because they stopped caring

You can somehow tell by the encounter rate with bots, guildless opponents…