Best Morlocks are?

Fill in the blank folks.

For bounty the damage dealers are fairly obvious

Siren does huge damage with her skills, Ghoul sets enemies on fire and silences them also does massive damage, Maven has less fire but just as deadly, Phoenix has her incinerate that also does massive damage and the new hero Slurp also does high damage

Callidus, Razorback, Heim and Silhouette are all more tanky and heal based so won’t do as much damage, ifrit is the same.

That’s 5/10 heroes that are viable for high damage.


Depends on what exactly you’re asking.

All things considered the best Morlock, and this is my personal opinion, is Heimlock. He’s literally great at everything but bounty. He’s especially good at PVP and PVE.

Siren is the best for bounty and coops without a doubt.

Maven, Phoenix, and Ghoul are kind of a wash in all games modes including bounty but Maven has next-level squishiness everywhere else.

Razor is awful at bounty but has his uses elsewhere.

Callidus and Silo are tanks with unique skills more or less. Heal blocking, cloaking, etc.

It really just depends on what you’re asking. If I had to guess, I’d say this was a bounty-related question so definitely Siren, then its your call between the next tier of ghoul, maven, and phoenix.

And the bonus hero is great for everything while they’re bonused, except for bounty when they’re literally hot garbage sometimes.

For the event I’d be using Siren and Silhouette. Their energy element makes them more powerful against bio heroes, which make up the majority of the Morlocks.
Since we are in the tourney rn, Ifrit and Ghoul make for a nice pain in the sides of your enemies in PvP with Ifrits Showtime movement slowing capabilities leaving enemies sitting ducks, and Ghoul making sure they have to keep moving out of cover silencing the entire team and dealing continuous damage with his gold. Also Ghoul is just a ton of fun to pilot. With Ifrits gold, it might even be a good idea to bring squishy insta-death Maven since it will make him more powerful.
Heimlock is also very good at pvp, nothing much to say but if you are up against him target him first.
Razorback makes good in raids (because the ai there target taunts), and may be helpful in this tourney where the featured hero is Icebox, him being the only mech gives him an elemental advantage
Maven Ifrit and Ghoul can be good when boosted in bounties, Ghoul especially because Molotoving the bounty with his gold will take out the other grunts quickly so you can focus on the bounty. Razorback too maybe
For the co-op pvp event, as always bring a good team healer, Hiem, Silhouette, or maybe even Callidus, and a nice leveled up damage hero. Ghoul, or Phoenix fit well, probably Slurp too (idk don’t have him yet), or frankly whoever you think will synergize well with your random team.

All the heroes have their strengths, I’m not going to pretend Callidus isn’t a viable pick when leveled up enough, idk your what your level and rank is on your heroes or I could give you some better help

Thanks everyone! These responses have been very helpful. Basically this is the first month where I had NO ONE from the bonus faction powered very high. I want to prioritize resources to make this month as beneficial as possible. Currently, I have the following,
Slurp Lvl 87, almost platinum, 8 stars
Maven Lvl 80, platinum, 8 stars
Razorback Lvl 71, platinum, 7 stars
Silhoutte Lvl 74, platinum, 5 stars
Siren Lvl 82, silver 2 bars, 6 stars
Heimlock Lvel 74, Gold no bars, 6 stars
Callidus Lvl 75, silver 2 bars, 6 stars

Ifrit, Phoenix, Ghoul still lvl 1, green.

Was planning to prioritize Slurp, then Siren and Maven for bounty based on feedback, and Heimlock for other events. Thoughts?


Those 3 sound good, however you won’t find much utility for Maven outside of Bounty (and maybe coops), as her active abilities are easily avoidable.

Most Morlocks aren’t known for their burst damage toward single targets, and are instead generally healers / enemy team-wide damagers. As a result, bounty with only Morlocks tends to be more challenging than not.

Slurp might be in a good spot for now, I’d focus a little more on Siren.

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Sounds like a good plan.

Best for what? Morlocks have many decent heroes for various ways.

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of all my heroes only siren and phoenix are giving the remaining show it’s not worth the dismay this faction alone and a waste of time only the two are saved …

Siren is probably the best Morlock unit. She is amazing in whatever mode may it be PvE, raids, bounty, or PvP. She just needs a little support.

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