Which heroes are best damage dealers for bounty?

Which are the best damage dealers for bounty events in your opinion?
How about for each category - mech, energy and biochem?

Oof It depends on what month it is, Since we are having Klg, Beck Steel and Anvil are best dps
Oof, Just pick dps heroes for the month but for any other faction, I can’t help you there

Sorry for not mentioning this, but I was reffering to the non-faction heroes

Depends who you have on Plat. I can get a decent amount of damage out of Dog, and Cross on Plat is a good bet as well. I’ll usually try to take in someone that can do mass damage to remove the multiple targets quickly as well, so Maven, Ghoul, Callidus or Wesson

I actually came here to ask the exact same question, except I’m only concerned with energy heroes.
For Mechs I think dog is one of the best. Bio would probably be odachi or cinder. My 8 star cinder does more than my 10* maven.
I’m thinking heckler is one of the best for energy but I’m not sure.

How about plat Ronin with allies like Hivemind and Halloway?

Ronin, Hivemind, Halloway, Halo ans Surge is propably the best damage dealing Team of all.

For Bio I’d go with Cinder, Salvatore, Maven, Odachi, and Ghoul. Phoenix is doing well too.

With Mech Dogface, Beck, Panzer, Hardcope and Clyde would do good. But Hideo or Kuniochi aren’t that bad of a choice either. If you get to set up his combo Chesterfield does great too.