Heroes for ... Bounty, PvP, PvE?

I’m always thinking about which heroes are best for what. I read all contributions here in the forum, also PvP and its Meta Team’s. I myself am an average player, but would like to increase myself.

My best bounty compilations would be: (let’s assume I had them on 10* and platinum)

Bio: Odachi, Salvatore, Maven, Cinder, Callidus
(Salvatore gives everyone a little power boost)

Energy: Halo, Hivemind, Oracle, Heckler, Baron
(halo gives all skills more bonus damage)

Mech: Caine, Panzer, Wesson, Dogface, Ryker
(Wesson gets a power boost from Panzer and Ryker (UAF Heroes), Caine raises the critical chance)

That would be the A teams for damage, or should I take another combination?

PvP: the best Meta team is currently out: Ifrit, Heimlock, Mandrake, Panzer, Caine

I have found more “B” teams here

PvE: I do not think that there is a “universal” team, because you always meet different opponents, if you do, I’m open to suggestions

Phoenix is better for bounty than for instance Callidus.

I agree that Phoenix is stronger than Callidus for bounties.

Fortress is a better energy DPS than Heckler or Baron.

Ryker is an awful mech DPS, only good right now for UAF bounty. Hideo and Clyde surpass Ryker/Caine easily. Crit is really weak in this game and doesn’t even scale with bounty multipliers.

Sogui is correct on this one


Chesterfield - 30% increased damage from all sources…

Kuno’s Gold is also quite strong.

Ghoul’s Gold seems to be better than Cinder and Salva at Gold. I don’t have them at plat though so I can’t say.

Agree that Phoenix is better than Callidus in terms of raw damage though I do like Calli’s ability to take out the minions with one shot of her tendrils.