Best possible team

What is the best possible team for pvp and pve?
Is it for pvp still panzer, caine, nightingale with legendary skin, mandrake and heimlock?

Best I don’t know but definitely the most mainstream, boring and unimaginative team! :slight_smile:


Try a core team of Mauler, Halo, and Ifrit. Pepper in your tank/healer/dps/support of choice. Maybe Panzer/Dogface and Nightingale?

Not that you aren’t allowed to ask what the best team is, but is this a thing now?

Every 2/3 days someone makes a post to ask what to best team is to win as much as possible, instead of using the search button or talk with this in the alliance or look at the pvp leader board, they just want to be told exactly how to win most matches

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I feel like Mauler has definitely taken Panzer’s place. He was decent before, but with the crit buff and all the Panzer nerfs it seems he’s the new meta DPS. I see him in 8/10 matches I play.

Honestly I’m surprised more people aren’t complaining about his ridiculously long stun lock, but I assume that’s because everyone is so tired of Panzer at this point that a new hero is welcomed. Either that or no one cares anymore.

Healer, healer, revive, damage, damage. That’s the formula everyone uses and if you don’t you won’t last long and PvP will just frustrate the hell out of you. The balance is a joke and there is no variety. All updates and attempted fixes to this have failed miserably so far