Black Friday deals and any holiday deals

I know Black Friday is already over but i believe there should have been more deals on gold purchases. Just imagine if for example, 1000 gold is for $19.99 and the sale bring that price to $14.99 or $12.99. At 14.99 I would have purchased two if the sale was $14.99. I would have purchased 3 maybe 4, if it was $12.99. To me that sound like a money maker for the devs or whoever the money goes to. Black Friday deals that were set were not that tempting enough for me to spend $19.99 on 1000 gold and use that gold to purchase those Black Friday deals. So hopefully there will be some deals on gold purchases during the decemeber special deals they announced recently. Is this cookoo cookoo talk?


Doesn’t sound cookoo to me

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