Gold Drop purchase

Just wanted to make a suggestion on the gold drop purchase (1000 gold over 30 days).

I personally think this should move to a 7 day period and be a little less gold; say 700 or 100 gold a day. Currently a month for a 1000 gold is a long time. Yes its value, but some people (like myself) see this and will only purchase this in comparison to other gold purchases. However, 1000 gold for a month is slow when the ultimate goal is to purchase the 2700 pack for 10X heroes. Also, getting the user to purchase 4 times in a month vs 1 time a month seems more appealing and still draws a line between immediate purchasers and the value purchaser.

This still equates to 1 10 pack in a month, but more money for the company over that month. It also still keeps value (2800 gold for 20 bucks over a month vs 2600 immediate gold for 50). 1000 gold for a month doesn’t really buy you anything and doesn’t feel like im working towards an effective goal thats worth the money right now. However, 5 bucks a week is chump change and far more worthy of the end goal. Thoughts?

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I Understand scape211…it would be a good idea to make some changes for the 30day gold value.Then it’s some people that not able to spend as much as other’s,then I would rather spend 11.00 on something else then the piggy bank.Come on guys Y go from 2.99 the first VIP then $11.00 for 300 gold bars then I’m going to spend it on a hero creates…keep me updated Thanks

The entire gold storefront just screams “Give me your money!”, so I wouldn’t expect it to change…it’s pretty typical for this kind of P2W game, unfortunately. Here’s my take on it all:

  • Piggy Bank : best deal, but greatly increases in price each time you buy it, forcing you to spend more and more money. $3? Okay. $12? Pushing it. $30?..that’s where it ended for me.

  • 30 Gold per day for a month : I think Scape211’s idea above would be a nice change for this option, or it could be an alternate (like how the $100 purchase has 2 variations)

  • $5, $10, $20 Gold packs : each of them is too little to really do much with on their own, so these are very unappealing to me when my end-goal is to save up for the 10-packs. It’d be nice if these packs each got a bump up in the amount of Gold you get

  • $50 Gold pack : if you’re like me, and you’re always on the go, this might make sense in the way that you can buy a game for $50 / $60 on a Nintendo 3DS or Switch or PS Vita (my personal favorite) for your mobile gaming needs. But when you consider that you can’t even get the 10-hero Hero Case pack for the 2600 Gold you get, it suddenly sounds like a rip-off (especially considering there’s almost 50 characters)

  • $100 packs : even if you’re rich, spending this much on a mobile game is just silly

  • Tapjoy : if you do the Final Fantasy XV drop that gets you upwards of 2,800 G (i.e. a $50 value), then it’s more cost effective to spend some money on that game instead of this, which is weird from a business point-of-view for this game. Granted, you have to rigorously play for several days

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The gold in this game is too expensive. Daily gold drop doesn’t even give you enough gold for 1 stamina refresh. Compared to other similar games there is no feeling of value.

I’d spend more real $$ on this game except it feels bad to spend and get so little in return.

So my suggestion is daily gold drop should be increased to 100 gold daily. That feels like significant value. Other gold deals should be doubled and every now and then if you are playing enough special deals should pop up. This would put it more on par with games like stars wars galaxy of heroes or similar games.


I agree, I spent money on other games but this one is not flashy. It did not bring me a sense of reward worth continuing to pay more during the month.

I think the conversion could be easier for other countries where the currency is not the US.

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Wow…i didnt know the piggy bank jumped up like that. I didnt buy it because it didnt seem like a good value.

The only way i see surviving in this game is Tapjoy. Maybe they find that a better revenue model than relying on people to spend real money on gold. If thats the case, the outrageous prices make sense.

Otherwise, they dont make any sense as a player. Like I said, even the daily gold drop I am doing now seems useless as it takes a full month and doesnt even net me one solid 10x pack. If they split it up over 4 purchases for month, its definitely feasible and still locks people in for a month. Seems like a win-win, but maybe thats just me.


Agreed. As the gold is quite expensive in this game,
I would suggest to get 250 immediate gold and 80 gold daily for 2 weeks,
sum up with 1370 gold and the player can buy 2 times in 1 month to purchase the 2700 pack for 10X heroes.

I’ll get interested to buy these bucks every month.