Silver crate!

It would be awesome if the silver crate had the option to buy 10 with 1 click…


There is that option lol just need to have enough money to cover the cost of 10

That’s already a thing?

I meant to put 100 lol I have a lot of cash

Oh lol… that’s sounds right hehe

It’d be nice when you need a lot of resources but have no stamina.

When you got the cash to do it, it helps. I believe opening 10 is about 65k

The first person to accidentally purchase 100 because they weren’t paying attention would start a giant stink about it. I’ll pass on the feedback, but not likely to happen soon.

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If there was a confirmation button it would solve that issue. @Muninn

There is. Tap on Crate. Tap on purchase option. I know you’re trolling, though.

I’m not trolling. I’m being 100% serious. I don’t mean to come off that way

Lol that’s quite true sucks tho

Lol I already opened the gold case 10 x by accident, I cried :joy::joy::joy:

I think it would be a great idea as we have some big spenders here, but then they would have to add a are you sure button because if you accidentally buy it :grimacing:

Lol! I think buying 100 silver crates would be an awesome option. I buy at least 100 crates a day! Would save time.

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