"Bonus Reward" in Patrols

Did you ever get a Bonus Reward from your own patrols? I know I haven’t, asked the VIP chat and some people said they’re definitely getting Bonus loot from their own patrols. Some other said “no, you can’t claim Bonus rewards from your own patrols…”.

Yesterday I was looking through my alliance’s active patrols and I saw one marked with a white cube with a question mark in to indicate this particular patrol included a Bonus reward so I rushed it but didn’t get any bonus. :frowning:

I’ve noticed that rushing takes away the alliance store credits, so maybe this also happens to the bonus stuff you get?

I haven’t rushed these and I do collect the bonus, which can be everything from PvP shards, to gold, frags and buck.

Speaking of the devil :joy:

So rushing is simply a scam?

Maybe to make sure you get the crate on the last day, but I see no use for it otherwise.

We’re 30k away from platinum, with 12 open, 13 active patrols and 2 days left, so I don’t see the use in rushing

The bonus reward from patrols are random.

Atm, my team is done with plat patrol with time to spare.

The bonus reward from your own patrol is claimed when you collect your patrol rewards, not through the in-game messages.


Poobgloob is correct.

It’s not the first time he’s correct!
Do I notice somehow if my patrol generates me / my alliance bonus rewards?

The bonus reward “?” Only shows up in the active patrol screen, no one knows what the rewards will be till it has been unlock.

I’ve never seen that on my own active Patrols, only others. :slight_smile: Which I find a bit odd since I’m top 3 Patrols contributors in my alliance.

If you never saw the “?” in your patrols it means you were unlucky and never got a bonus.

I’ve got a few bonuses and I could see it when I checked the active patrols

The bonus reward is random, and whoever finds the bonus rewards; the other team members will also get to share it too.

I think there is a bug on this bonus patrol. Sometimes you don’t receive it.

I’ve reported this thing. But the devs just called me blind. Lol.


Yesterday I also saw a bonus no one collected

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I’ve seen 3 bonuses today that didn’t get rewarded, anyone else still has this feeling?

Our last one is 12 hours ago but I’ve seen more in the collected list and active list

I just collected a bonus on messages and received one myself, so it’s currently working fine for me.

Haven’t been paying attention lately, but I remember a few weeks ago bonuses going missing.

ive gotten some bonus stuff at times with my own patrols and of course when others go on theirs. mostly cash, pvp shards and sometimes gold. which is good.

Your alliance mate need to claim his patrol rewards before you get any. Maybe the ones you saw just expired waiting to be claimed?

A guildmate found a bonus, the mission was a success, yet there is no bonus in my mail. Is this what you meant, @Kraterios?

No, an bonus in the active list, then when it’s collected by a player in the ended list I don’t see anything in my mail box