Pre-Planned Alliance Patrol Bonuses?

My alliance and I have been obtaining the Platinum chest every week since the introduction of patrols, however, the bonuses have befuddled us.
Consistently, the bonus rewards have been the same for each specific member EVERY single time … What’s up with that…??? ??? ???

For example,
each and every time I have gotten a bonus in the patrol I took, I’ve gotten 25,000 bucks 3 for 3 times… each and every time another alliance member has gotten bonus, they’ve gotten 100 energy 100% of the time. Additionally, another alliance member has gotten bonus, they’ve gotten 30 gold 100% of the time. IT NEVER DIFFERS. Why is there a specific bonus specified to our player name?

Hopefully this will change next update for more randomness… This is not very attractive… We should not be designated a specific reward dependent on our name.


This is something me and GTSAIKO discussion briefly in another thread - I’m glad it gets its own thread now since it really needs an explantation.

My bonus reward = 20 quick win tickets. :frowning:
I’ve also never seen Gold from our patrol bonus rewards - ever. Or bucks. Just Heckler fragments, stamina and tickets. And as you say, always the same rewards from the same people.


Jup, I’ve been paying attention to this as well, sorry @ULFPAM for not responding on that one.

I always get gauntlet shards, 1 guy always gets fuel cells, the other always get energy, one gets gold, and 1 player sadly always brings in quick win tickets😅

All the gold-generators should form their own alliance and keep rewarding each other gold all the time,
then I can form an alliance with only ticket-generators so we can drown ourselves in quick win ticket. :frowning:
I wish everyone generated stamina - that’s what I most often need, more so than gold.

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Gold makes you buy new stamina :sweat_smile:

Valid point! Hm! And I should know - I spend all my gold on stamina refills all the time.

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When I noticed this, that was exactly my first thought. Creating a guild named ‘Energy bonuses only’

Actually got a nice example this this, these guys always get the same reward



Wow, you get frequent bonus rewards! We get maybe 3 / week. Can I join you? :smiley: I’ll bring them quick win tickets!

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Still don’t know how it’s based, we don’t always get a lot, but it’s always the same for every guy, Since you mentioned this I started to look in to this and I found a perfect example this time

And we’re already good on the quick win tickets :joy:

I’m a golder and the number 2 contributor so no complaints lol.

And again I bring gauntlet shards :joy:

I always get 50 energy. No complains, since energy is probably the best bonus, in my opinion.

One of the bonuses that was brought in just recently from a patrol by a new member of our alliance was 35 Gauntlet shards… THIRTY-FIVE… What the eff is 35 gauntlet shards gonna do for me other than trigger my OCD every time I have to look at the ‘5’ as the last number of my total shards from now on… :joy:

But seriously though, why is 35 Gauntlet shards even a reward?

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A member of my guild gets 75 PvP gem, which leads to exactly the same problem. You can only win PvP currency in bundles of 20, so you get 15 useless gems.

He has to get that bonus a total of 4 times for PvP gems to go back to a “round” number.

It bugs me a lot to see those 5 gems I can’t use.

At least you don’t always get tickets like him, again 3 in a row now😂

Do you also have a poor guy bringing 2 Castellan fragments to the alliance once every third week?
This guy is a great player, sad to see he got the Castellan curse.

For what it’s worth, I believe this got changed in the most recent update (or some other recent time). The other day, I checked my messages and saw one alliance member had two different bonuses.

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Yes, I noticed as well.
Although this has been changed, I am noticing a reduced caliber of the rewards. Whereas before I was getting loads of energy and gold, most of what I get now are very small amounts of gauntlet gems and qw tickets.

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