Just got two missing patrol crate compensations...?

I’m not complaining; it’s a welcome surprise. But why? I didn’t think there would be any way to miss an Alliance patrol crate…

I think its a bug. I also get a plat and a bronze crate rewards. GCAA got like 3 plat rewards and a silver reward.

Damn, why don’t I get a compensation for opening them haha


Well that’s a bit unfair that people who didn’t miss any crates got compensated anyway. I wonder how they determined who was on the compensation list? Sounds like a lot of people just got a free jump in their game progress while others got shafted :confused:

Anyone who missed a Patrol Crate, from Patrol launch to now, was taken care of. If you didn’t get an inbox message, it’s because you’re up to date. This isn’t “bonus”. This is making up for what was missing. Nobody is getting shafted. We actually removed the shaft from some people.


I received 21 missing crate rew
rds 720 universal frags 72k alliance gem’s thanks

Wowwww :hushed: insane

But if people who are getting the missing patrol crates DID NOT actually miss any crates, then yes, people are getting shafted. Not them of course, they’re happy as heck to get a bunch of extra frags lol.

But I am happy that those who deserved to get compensated were taken care of.

Gracias, recibí 120 fragmentos :smiley:

I’m excited about the crates but is the demotion part of the package, too?

Already rewarded. If you haven’t gotten them yet then you’'re out of luck.

Story of my life. A day late and a dollar short.

Heh. Aren’t we all? :man_shrugging:

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“How to be a shitlord in alliance officer chat 101.”

“How to be a shitlord in a private chat with the XO 102.”

We instead got the 5 dollar thingy!

It was a joke haha :sweat_smile:

What 5 dollar thingy? lol I guess I’m the unluckiest cause i didn’t get jack.


Thanks I seen that when it was first available but its always shown as $19.99 on mine lol. Wish it did show it for $5 I would’ve snatched it up at that price lol