Both mine and my ally's hero wr stuck in Co Op Muscle Raid while progressing to the next wave

Our hero cldn’t move to position whr they usually do while they move to wave 2 in Muscle co cop raid.

My Bucket was unable to move to any side ,just lying thr without cover and way far from action.

yeah. some heroes will tend to get stuck in the back after completing wave 1.

And this kind of stucked-heroes is not happened only this time…

It’s been happening in several co-op, especially in that map…

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Report to support with this screenshots
Support is the best way to get bugs fixed and screenshots make it even better for them

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Done .
I had posted my feedbacks believing the developers go through them. Alas !

devs do read things on the forums. but when it comes to bugs, it still best to go through support

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Support is a long drawn out prosses of jumping through hoops. It gets very frustrating repeating yourself and reposting screenshots. It seems like if support draws out your issue you’ll just drop it and go away

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No problem. Hope it doesn’t happen again!:smiley:

This pathing issue is why the clones of Halloway and Xian die when a new wave starts. This has been a pretty longstanding issue for quite sometime, I just try to mitigate it by bringing strong frontline heroes who can survive.

Yeah this has been a constant issue with this map for a long time. A while back, the Devs said it would get fixed, and I think it was fixed for a while, but now it’s still there.

I wonder why it still happens. Any devs have thoughts about this? Cuz it’s pretty common now on this map.

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