She Shen Urgent Mission is broken

Literally. Devs, are you tested it before launch?

You add a lot enemies with stun skills like Pris or Kunoichi what may counter by dodge move right or left, but… If you play with backline character you don’t may do that because you have only one position. This is ridiculous. You don’t have resources make atleast two positions?

Another brick in the wall is aiming if you play with backline. Without possibility change position part of enemies seat in dead zones and you don’t have any way to defeat them if hero don’t have powerful nuke skills.

All this kill many ways for fun challenges. Please, test gameplay for heroes of all lines, not only midline damagers.

Upd. Astral/Void don’t available to choose. Again. Why? You make my Everest is sad.

Upd. Another circumstances:

  • Enemies Commanders is bugged. They don’t kill previous summoned soldiers.

  • Even one Commander may summon 6 goons

  • Commanders summon their goons inside location objects or out of bounds, so you don’t have possibility kill this goons with regular shots

  • Enemies frontline heroes have 3 reset instead 2 of all other

Hard 4 became unplayable with all of that. Seriously, current Urgent Mission is most broken PVE event on my memory – you are or killed by numerous enemies, or time run out because you try destroy summoned goons which seat in out of map.

Maybe change your lineup :man_shrugging:t2:

Been running it on auto and it’s just an easy win all the way through

I never play auto. And I never use full team for this events. Because without challenge it’s don’t give any fun.

then use a full team. if not, you are bound to fail as it progresses

Well see, that’s your problem.

I don’t have any problem do all missions with duo, lol. If you may pass only with full team this is sad. First comment say about circumstances with backline heroes if you piloted them.

seems like the only obstruction here is yourself.

good luck with the mission then.

Dear community stars, all games have various issues from time to time – this is normal. So don’t try play in devil’s advocates, lol. This is ridiculous. Lock backline hero without any possibility to dodge against stun heroes or lock Astral/Void characters this is not normal. You are not developers. First message not for you. So calm down. Thanks.

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The guy telling us to calm down should look in the mirror first before telling us to calm down.

It’s not just about winning. Why does the team have to be a full team or auto? There’s no right or wrong way to play the game. Regardless of how you want to play, it should be supported.

With that being said, I don’t agree with the way the problem is phrased, either.


If someone wanna say something to devs this mean what mean – direct words to people which manage this game. Not to noname guy from forum which just regular player with moderator duty, lol. If you wanna rumble with someone – go fight in PVP. I don’t need your your help, your advices – anything. Thanks.

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