Bounty connection issues

I keep getting this and says i am offline
I can use chat
But i cant play bounty or pvp
And all other online games on my mobile works perfectly
And i have a fast internet connection
I am off the bounty for about 3 hrs now

Plz help

Did you try to restart the game? Happens if you minimized the game and get back in again.

Thnx devs for the replay :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:

Dude, dev’s don’t work on weekends.

Thats why bounty is on weekend .Lol
3 out of 10 attempts works with me and thats awful
Just horribly owful

The dev’s generally don’t respond unless it’s completely game breaking. If only a few people are having issues, they can enjoy their weekend free of toxicity and whining players.

If you expect the developers word, then you should contact the customer support via in-game, not to go the forum.