Bounty Server Problems

I have noticed today that the server is timing out. Start a bounty & it just sits there. Kinda frustrating. Is there a problem & if so, what can we expect?

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I’m getting the “Unavailable While Offline” errors.

Yup, I’m done for the day.

Thanks HHG for the small frustration compensation in the inbox. But unfortunately the problems are not fixed. We have again and again the message that we are not online, or you start, but you can not get into the hunt. Then suddenly it runs … and then again zero. With us in the alliance BD1 spreads more and more frustration than pleasure and unfortunately HHG does not seem to be able to fix the problem really stable. Of course, both the app and the device have been restarted.


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I think we are all having these issues. I had issues with GW Coop and have been having chat problems as well. Just have to power thru it to get to m1 I need those uni frags.

Update … 2h after reset it gets worse and worse… :tired_face: :cry:

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