Bounty Event

Fischer is still instantly dying after using grapple!

Not mine, and doing 30M damage.
Find out how to use it properly!

my fisher is also killed when i using grapple dash

Use with correct hero’s and you can get 2-3 hits with the grapple. Flatline works good

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Le miens aussi meurt, c’est du grand n’importe quoi

Flatline works wonders with her Gold.

Put him with Flatline (gold) and it can work in your favor. Regardless, it’s still a bug that needs fixing.

Read the description of the move. If the enemy health is greater than his he will take damage. In this case, it is so great, he dies

Description says 50% of his health will be taken. Not all of it.

if you do not know if you should attack with Fischer

well, being that the bounty heroes have a higher health, im guessing half of whatever is still over your own heroes health. thus, instant death.

only way to get a sure answer is if someone from HH replies about it for clarification