Fischer Feedback

Hello. jten here. I have Fischer at plat and I just wanted to offer my feedback on him.

Bronze (grappling hook thing)
Good skill in theory. However, some things about it make it less desirable once you get to use it. I first saw this skill as a tank buster and thought it would be useful against PvE bosses. However, when I tried it on one of them, the 25% hp thing did not work. However, it seems to work on Elite enemies. I think that this skill should work on bosses as well (except bounty event bosses) considering other heroes can shave of as much or even more than 25% with certain skills (looking at you dogface). If this can’t be done, then the base damage needs to be bumped up because it is so low that it’s not worth using with out the 25% effect.

Silver (trap)
This skill is good only for bounty events because the boss usually doesn’t move. However, in pvp or pve, this skill is not hat great because it’s easily avoidable and does not slow heroes enough to keep them in its aoe for any substantial amount of time. I suggest that either bump the slow up to 75% or make it into a root or stun.

Gold (submerge)
Good skill but it’s used mainly for survivability as of now. IMO, the damage boost is way too small for the amount of time you stay submerged. Right now, you won’t be able to get much shots off while submerged because you’ll find yourself either reloading or relocating. Either, bump the damage up or lengthen the submerge time.

Plat (Wetwork)
The description says “when an enemy dies” but it actually only procs if Fischer gets the last hit. This should change because most of the time, you’ll only get a last hit if you are solo killing an enemy which is opposite of the smarter thing to do which is to focus fire. I honk the best way to fix this is if the effect still procs on “assist”. meaning, it procs if he has damaged an enemy that died within 5 secs or something.

Also, I think he might need a small general damage boost to his normal shots or a larger magazine size. Thank you for taking the time to read.


I have my fisher silver and refuse to take him any higher because of pretty much everything you stated. His stats look good on paper but he is one of the most useless hero’s i have…

This Bounty Event highlights all of these faults and then some. Up until yesterday, I had Sapphyr at 4 star silver (resources have been very thin for me), and she was out performing 5 star gold Fisher dramatically in terms of damage delt to bounties.

Agreed on all points. His damage is horrible. My Scum, who is the same
star level, same rank, and about the same power deals more damage to
the Bounty than my 5x Boosted Fischer…

His magazine needs to be much larger and his bronze skill needs to be
elemental damage, and his damage needs to be increased overall.

Extremely weak hero.

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I would also like to add that Fischer’s hero spotlight says that he is intended to have high damage vs high health heroes and is weak against swarms of enemies. Parts of his design do not follow this.

High damage vs high health enemies ends at his bronze skill that doesn’t even work on bosses. If you wanted him to be a tank killer, he would not to have more ways to kill tanks than one skill that only does 25% of an enemies health bar. My suggestion is to add a 1% of health damage to his basics. This can be integrated with one of his passives. Also, bronze skill should deal 25% of total health not remaining health.

His plat ability requires you to kill someone before gaining its effects which actually encourages fighting swarms of weak enemies. I just found it weird that his listed weakness in his spotlight is actually the only way to get his plat buff going. I think that wetwork should activate on submerge instead of killing an enemy.


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