Fischer ruins bounty weekend

I’ve noticed this going on 4 months now and wanted to get others feedback. Fischer as a bounty to hunt is painfully annoying and in my opinion needs to have his passive invisibility skill turn off for that event. Since time has been reduced, it’s becoming more and more difficult to do a decent amount of damage to him. And after further looking at the problem it’s worst. Counters to his invisibility like marking and such, are not effective as the AI still won’t target him but target the minions instead. . No other hero gives my alliance this type of problem like he does. It’s dreadful to see his portrait come up and we force ourselves to hunt him just to not lose the points. Is this a pain for everyone also or am i missing something?


yea. i hate actually having to think and try hard while i play a game.

It sucks, but I think we just have to deal with it. The AI should be shooting at a Marked target, though.

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They randomly sometimes shoot him, I was meaning using skills tho…plus it’s so hard to mark him cause it’s unpredictable

Oh no, ONE bounty is hard out of a few dozen. Quit crying about such a measly thing.

my response was nicer. lol.

Is it true shoreman is the next bounty faction

What about Sapphyr so?
This is a team event, so work as a team (that’s why we are doing making some hard bounties all together)
I have to admit that my boss told us to don’t try doing these fishers if we can’t make it, they are stamina wasting ahah

You must be from a bad alliance, all bounties are worth points!

Fischer has been ruining bounty weekends since… since forever!

The 37 million HP, 237 point ones are… probably the worst bounty out there to hunt.

Do I hate Fischer bounties?

We all do.

I’d rather have them removed, but there is a statisfying feeling when you drop a 37 mill Fischer and start jumping in the air out of joy

Just bring Ifrit, Gale, and/or Wesson for invisible bounties. It’d be ridiculous to exclude one bounty from the list just because it’s a little bit annoying.

Don’t want him excluded, just either gold skill neutralized or him popping up become rarer

My point though is that it’s incredibly silly to hard-code an exception for one hero. That goes against the spirit of the game mechanics. If you’re having trouble with his invisibility, you probably have some room to adjust your strategy accordingly. if you aren’t bringing both Ifrit and Gale against Fischer, then you’re definitely not thinking through how you could improve your plan against him.

Mark him, use LROF heroes to not trigger his gold that often or use damage over time skills on him.

Sure he is annoying, but he doesn’t pop up more often than other heroes, many just refuse to kill him so he piles up.

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marking barely helps, but because of my alliance ranking we get more plat 4 and 5 bounties. Using ifrit, gale and alot of other support heroes that mark that aren’t apart of the bonus faction does virtually no damage to a plat 5 fischer what so ever! I ran thru 9 energy heroes this past bounty to kill one fischer simply cause there’s no bonus energy and most do half of the damage they normally do cause he keeps going invisible. Even when stunned or in a damage over time skill like flatlines lightning he still goes invisible. It’s just a pain unlike no OTHER hero. And to note they hard-code where bounty healing skills don’t work, they could code the invisibility to not work as well…nothing silly about it.

No-one said its easy…

Sure he still gets invisible Woth a damage over time skills, but the skill still does damage.
And you can still use your bonus heroes against him. Cinder or Jarek do good damage against him.

Don’t like Fischer? Don’t attack Fischer.
Fischer problem solved.

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I will agree fisher sucks to fight. I often avoid him too. However, its not realistic for the devs to put time into this when so many other important things should come on the list. Even if they said they would look into it, I wouldnt want them to touch it for months over other important things in my mind. Its just so low on the list in comparison. No matter how much of pain it is, its not broken or imbalanced. Its just in the category of ‘not as fun as other parts of the game.’ All games have areas like.

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Fischer is a pain, but part of the game. So is Sapphire. Use Chester will help, and some good stun heros as well, keep Fischer stunned and points will roll in. It’s all good, you cant HULK SMASH all the time lol.