Bounties broken

There’s wonky bonky going on with the bounties. They escape too fast with about a minute left on the timer!


I was just about to say something about it, too. You beat me to it

You start in wave 2, and leave with 1 minute left, my whole alliance has this problem

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Everyone has this bounty issue !

Rev up those forgiveness gifts HHG!


Also the bounties are extremely low

From Discord:

Grizzly Today at 3:12 PM

Hi everyone! We’re aware that bounties are not playing properly at the moment and were working hard to fix it ASAP. We’re really sorry for the inconvenience. Ill update you all here once we’ve investigated a bit more. Thanks so much for your patience!

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Yay hope they sort it out fast

I am losing 2/3 maybe more of my true damage here fix it fast hh

It’s more then 2/3 also skills don’t have any time

Not to be a crybaby, I know glitches happen etc. but being in Europe this is an extra heavy punch since it’s already getting late here. Already wasted one of two possible hunting hours before it’s bedtime. I reckon they’ll fix it during our sleepytime giving all American players a huge advantage.

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Do we have ANY WAY of contacting support. My guys are running faster and faster

Im sorry you stayed up so late for this man. Let’s find a way to contact CS

Best would be to freeze it.

@ULFPAM, same problem I’m facing, and I have stuff to do tomorrow

They fixed it when you go to bounties it asks to download again


Bounties still run away at 15 seconds

Restart the game. It’s good now.
Thanks to developers for fast acting and fixing!