Problem for playnig!

Good morning to the developers !! Do you have a deadline for maintaining the game system !! ?? It is horrible and discouraging to play, from hunting, raids and PVP !! Do you have any deadline !! ?? I think most are having the same problem !!


The server problem with Bounty event is ridiculous. Unplayable. I usually dont complain about too much, but Im very close to uninstalling.


Yeah, Bounty has been horrible all weekend but now co-ops and PvP are facing the same issue as Bounty. Takes about 30 seconds to enter each game mode or it’ll just boot you to the event screen. Lower-ranked alliances who take the entire weekend to reach Milestone 1 are probably out of luck this weekend.

I found that you can enter co-ops if you restart the game after each match. There’s that workaround if you don’t want your co-ops to go to waste.

Hh games wake up and make the game playable
Nothing is working

It has been taken more than 1 minute to start hunting a bounty. Since yesterday.

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Please fix the game nothing is working tx

Hi same problem it takes a lot of time to play bounty and pvp, please do some thing

Que respuesta han dado los desarrolladores mantienen el silencio todo mal con el juego jcjc coop bounty necesitamos soluciones ahora

Am sure devs must be aware and working on issues regarding servers, but keeping up with waiting to connect to bounty, pvp and co-op is now getting irritating

Just spinning all the time now can’t even play any now

No han dado solución alguna al problema todos los jugadores han reportado problemas en bounty la caseria ha sido un desastre las todos los jugadores solo ha hecho causar molestia


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