Brawl: Elemental Wars was bugged, but this is fun

How about make this for permanent event? For example, first brawl of month with buffs, second with debuffs. This is really decent challenge and I get many positive emotions when created new teams which works with new conditions. You have very big potential with buffs/debuffs stuff. This PVP, endless waves in Simulator – why you use this so rare? Marvel: Contests of Champions build whole game around it and peoples love this.

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To my opinion it should be an alternative event to normal pvp. Always available, and then it should rotate every week or so with new multipliers.
Though i would love it more if the multipliers actually did what they’re supposed to.


The elemental brawl was awesome. I felt like I was in the matrix with the slow motion bullet time.

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Brawls have been really fun lately. I liked the Brawl last update where Bucket spammed her lifts every few seconds lol.

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The event wasn’t bugged, we’ve been experimenting with Elemental Brawl’s rules to make each event a little unique!


@Skathi Skathi, is it possible to have a mythic skin with some of elemental brawl rules to spice things up?

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They dropped Serial’s Mythic skin last Friday!

I must admit, at first I thought there definitely was a bug during the brawl! I even wrote to support about it. Of course, with there high volume of tickets to respond to they didn’t get back to me until the brawl was over.

But, nevertheless, as I continued to play the pvp brawl, the more I began to enjoy it, win, lose or Tie! Most of the pvp’s actually came down to the final ticks of the clock! Yes, most turned into ties, but they were fun! Reminded me of why I love this game so much!

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