PVP playing really slow

What’s the deal with the elemental pvp tournament lately. It’s been playing very slow.

Read the rules brother.
Bio head shots only
Mechs are faster
Energy are slower

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Why on earth would they do this!!! This is literally one of the worst ideas ever

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As stated in the update notes

Brawl: Elemental Wars
You may have noticed some interesting variations with Elemental Wars. We’ve been testing different rule sets to make these events more engaging and different. Make sure to read the rules before starting your matches; each event will be unique!

The new PvP Brawl setup is enjoyable. Hope more new parameters be introduced in future Brawl.

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This pvp brawl kinda interesting, I hardly faced the usual meta (the meta known as “cheesy-meta”, whatever it is)…

Beside this brawl, I hope the dev will relaunch the 1-shot-1-kill pvp in the future too…


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