New Elements Brawl format is not fun

Seriously. You give to players only few aviable random heroes and ruin standart mechanic with debuffs. This is totally boring. Previous tournament where only energy characters may shoot with standard ratio and Yeagier totally dominated over all others was absolutely awful. And now this is repeated. Why Elements Brawl was cool in past? This was really fun PVP where you may create many various and fantastic combo with new buffs or debuffs. And even if you lost your main team always be possibility create another one and create something new because you have all 120+ heroes. You wanna focus players on few selected heroes? Ok, just give to them something personal buffs/debuffs. Or give small roster of characters but without buffs/debuffs. In current form Elements Brawl force player don’t miss any reset even for top 500 because if you lost main damagers you don’t have any alternative. This is became in second job. This is not fun.

If you didn’t like this last pvp… you gonna hate next one…. Lol. Idk, kinda like the randomness myself. Changes things up a bit. To each his own I guess. At least you get 100 gold for just participating… lol

Next one will probably be fun. No meta heroes. Varying heroes of all kinds. Equal buffs so no stronger element. Don’t see how it can’t be fun without having any sort of dominant setup

It’s also a 3 team setup, and it will most likely be hard to do damage,

Game must bring fun and positive emotions. All new features too. If someone do something new but this transform something good and fun into boring second free job this is bad. Be fair atleast with himself, lol. When you liked all thing from new devs exchange on in-game rewards – you just borrow Hero Hunters. It’s pretty simple logic available for everyone.

Upd. If I see something awesome – I’m always say about this. PVP with tanks only really awesome! Bravo DECA! You give fair challenge and don’t lock players with one winning team. l really wanna try this format with backline only characters. This is second good innovation after Terraventa only.


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