Brawl?...or you were serious

To the point with the abusers , I had to use all silvers to reach 2k division 1. But hey dont fix your game HH it’s cool the way it is…

I hate this kind of speech anywhere towards the devs, forum, discord, personal message…

You bring up a vague issue with out elaborating and dont provide a reasonable solution. Then you just bash the dev’s with little to no explanation on what they did wrong. Your post is very vague, it shows little to nothing about the issue you’re having.

The devs are very open and kind, they take criticism very well. It’s much better to approach them in a kind manner, show your problem, provide a good solution, and interact with them.

But hey, dont fix your post it’s cool the way it is…


I played like normal and reached Division 1 after 10 minutes so there’s nothing to fix.

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@Nham, I think he meant the min/maxers. Than again his was a rant which there are a few threads on the issues that are being faced in the game.

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Let’s keep the ranting just here


PvP issues

Min maxing

Or this great discussion over here

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