Fix Pvp Issue

In pvp I always face this problem.
my opponents are too powerful thanan me.
Please Fix this problem.
I can’t handle it any more

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This is an intentional move by the devs. The strat you’re using is called Min/Maxing, where you use a bunch of low powered heroes with a bunch of high power heroes. This is to prevent farming and to stop things like a overpowered plat being paired with 4 lvl 1 greens from being a good strat for winning, because that would be unfair and cause many to quit. The best way to get a “fair” match-up in pvp is to try to make you heroes as balanced as possible in terms of power.

@GH05T, says the party that is exploiting the system …

@Nham, I get mismatchs and face much higher power team, even if I am running a balanced team …

Frankly min/maxers are not penalised heavy enough

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I agree. Min/maxers need to be more severely punished cause the strat still works with the system we have now.

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Yeah. Pretty good example of what’s wrong with the matchmaking system.

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I hate that kind of abuse. He is abusing the system SO hard that makes me wanna quit. I mean, is not entirely his fault, since devs allow it and he is just trying to rack up easy wins. But still it’s dirty af. Even more when you think that this kind of things will affect other players and their experience in PvP.

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Seriously how is still a thing?? Plat, no, PLAT2 with bronzes…

Reason he’s in the top 100 a lot of tournaments, min maxing it

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I honestly think that a perma ban on recalcitrant min-maxers is the only way.

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The Dev Should Ban Him

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Ban him for playing by their rules?

By the same logic the devs should ban you too.


I feel your frustration. I met that guy several times in PVP. Queen of min-maxing.

This is also weird. 6K team power difference. And I don’t feel I am min-maxing…

I wouldn’t say you’re min-maxing, but there is a decent power disparity across your team, which is why you’re getting ‘punished’. 12k Mandrake with 7k Caine is a big difference. the other guy’s spread is quite a bit smaller.

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This is a roll eyes moment :roll_eyes:your mandrake alone is min max plus you are running 3 plats with 2 gold only (not gold plus). Does not need to be silver to min max.

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@cool_hand It’s really not min-maxed at all. I think you’re misunderstanding exactly what that term means. His team is following a very reasonable and natural progression scale. Min-maxing refers to intentionally keeping certain stats/levels at a bare minimum to game a matchmaking system. That’s how it’s used in virtually every video game.

plus you are running 3 plats with 2 gold only

How else would you get a team from all gold to all plat? Get all of them to gold+1, gold+2, etc? That would make no sense in terms of reward for effort. It makes much more sense to bring one hero at a time from gold+0 to plat and then work on the next.

The stars are a bit uneven, sure. But how do expect Caine’s frags to keep up with Mandrakes when you can get drake’s frags practically infinitely from the PvP store and Caine’s only come from universals and crates?

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check this out !!! minimum power and his maximim power guess its a BOT …

@Papa_Marsh, min/max is not just the character’s level it applies to their evolution level stage plus which grade of silver/gold and plat.

By intentionally keeping a character at gold and the others to plat is a huge difference. A gold n gold4 character is some 1k in difference n gold vs plat is 1.5 to 2k difference. The moment when there is a huge GAP of power difference between the TOP and lowest, it’s already in min/max territory.

In the case that I post, his Caine is currently 7k power if he has upgrade to gold4 or plat it will be 8.5k, I should know cuz I have a plat Caine. Additionally his panzer is plat1 10* @ 14k n his Caine at 7k talk about min/max.